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Experience the Magic of Arthur Christmas: Characters and Plot Overview

Arthur Christmas: Anto the Characters and Plot

The holiday season is a time of merrymaking and cheer, and nothing spreads joy quite like the story of Arthur Christmas. Released in 2011, this animated film tells the story of Santa Claus’s family and their mission to deliver presents to every child in the world.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plot and characters of the movie, giving you an overview of what makes this movie so magical.

Arthur Christmas Movie Overview

Arthur Christmas is a unique take on the classic Christmas tale. It tells the story of a modern-day Santa’s family, which includes his overly-enthusiastic son, Steve, his calm and collected father, Santa, and his clumsy grandfather, GrandSanta.

The story starts on Christmas Eve, with the family diligently working in the North Pole to deliver presents. A Different Look at Santa’s Entire Family

One of the standout features of the movie is that it gives us a glimpse into Santa’s entire family, a feat that has not been done before.

We see Steve, the heir to the reins, running Christmas in his own way, managing the elves and the present-delivery operation with a modern and efficient approach. We get to see Santa Claus as an elderly but charming figure, whose jolly appearance belies his wisdom and management skills.

Finally, we are introduced to GrandSanta, an aging and cantankerous Santa Claus who still upholds the traditional ways of gift-giving and delivery.

Blending Technology with Old-School Delivery Method

Another feature that makes Arthur Christmas unique is its clever use of technology to enhance the traditional delivery methods. In the movie, the sleigh is no longer the sole mode of transport; instead, Santa’s team of elves use high-tech gadgets like jetpacks, snowmobiles, and lasers to deliver gifts.

This blend of technology with old-school delivery makes for an engaging and visually stunning animation experience.

Engaging Story with Lively Main Characters

The movie has a delightful storyline that is both engaging and lighthearted. Arthur Christmas, the protagonist, is a clumsy and hapless character who is determined to deliver a present that was missed during the night’s delivery run.

This mission leads him on a wild and zany adventure with GrandSanta, and together, they navigate the challenges of time zones, weather conditions, and even the British Army. Furthermore, the movie’s supporting characters are equally lively and add a vibrant layer to the story.

Bryony, the enthusiastic Christmas elf, and Mrs. Claus, who has a secret passion for mission control, are some of the funniest figures in the story.


Arthur Christmas is a delightful and engaging Christmas movie that is perfect for all ages. The movie’s story, characters, and animation are all first-class and make for an entertaining and heartwarming holiday experience.

Whether you are looking to introduce the movie to your kids or just looking for something fun and lighthearted to watch during the festive season, Arthur Christmas is a must-watch. So, grab some cocoa, settle in by the fireplace, and let the magic of Arthur Christmas unfold before your very eyes.

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