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Exchange Student: A Cinematic Journey Through Studying Abroad in France

Have you ever considered the idea of becoming an exchange student? If you have, you may be wondering what the whole experience entails and whether it is worth your time and effort.

Well, we’ve got you covered with the synopsis of “Exchange Student” an eye-opening movie that will give you an insight into the life of an exchange student.

The Plot

Exchange Student is a movie that tells the story of a young girl named Sally, who decides to embark on a life-changing journey to France as an exchange student. Sally is enthusiastic about the adventure, but she is also nervous about living with a family she has never met, leaving her comfort zone, and adapting to a new language and culture.

From the moment Sally lands in France, the movie takes the audience on a journey through her experiences and challenges. She struggles to adjust to her host family’s different lifestyles, customs, and even their eating habits.

Sally also faces the difficulty of learning a new language, settling in, and making friends with the locals. Sally’s journey is not all struggles, however.

She meets new people who become her friends and helps her embrace the French culture. She also starts to love the local cuisine, architecture and history, and develops a newfound appreciation for art.


Exchange student covers various themes that are relatable to people of all ages and backgrounds. It highlights the importance of venturing out of one’s comfort zone and challenging oneself to broaden their horizons.

It also underscores the value of communication and the ability to adapt to new surroundings. The movie emphasizes the significance of diversity and the importance of understanding and appreciating different cultures.

Especially when travelling abroad, one must be open-minded and willing to learn to get the most out of the experience. Lastly, Exchange Student encourages people to explore their passions, interests, and talents.

Through Sally’s encounters with French art and architecture, the movie urges the audience to follow their bliss and discover their artistic side.


In conclusion, Exchange Student is more than just an excellent movie to watch. It serves to show viewers a glimpse of the life of an exchange student, portraying the struggles, the joys, and the overall experience of travelling to a foreign land.

From the plot, themes explored to the messages communicated, Exchange Student is an informative and inspiring movie for anyone looking to go beyond their everyday routines and have an enriching experience in a foreign country. Exchange Student is a movie that follows Sally’s experience travelling to France for an exchange program.

Sally is a high school student who has always been interested in travelling and exploring different cultures. When the opportunity to travel to France for a semester presents itself, Sally jumps at the chance and begins her journey to a new country with a new family.

As Sally arrives in France, she is met with culture shock and quickly realizes that living in a foreign country is a lot different than she had imagined. The movie does an excellent job of illustrating her ups and downs, as Sally grapples with homesickness, a new language and the changed environment.

Initially, the language barrier is the biggest adjustment, and Sally struggles to communicate with her host family and classmates. The movie shows how Sally takes steps to overcome this challenge by enlisting the help of her host family and taking language classes to help her understand and speak French better.

Sally also starts to learn colloquial phrases, and expressions used in France, which help her integrate into her host family and eventually make friends. In addition to the language barrier, Sally has to adjust to a new lifestyle, new food, and new cultural practices.

Sally is surprised by the difference in food, realizing that the French eat very differently from what she is used to back home in the US. From the use of varied spices and oils to wine being consumed regularly over meals, the French way of eating is entirely different from what she’s used to, and Sally initially struggles to adapt.

The movie takes the audience through her journey as she slowly starts trying new foods, learns to appreciate regional French cuisine and even cooks local meals with her host mother. Another significant adjustment Sally has to make is adapting to her host family’s lifestyle which is very different from what she is used to back home.

French families, for example, are very private, and Sally notices that she is not expected to share every detail of her life with the family. Sally also observes that French people are very fashion-forward, and they pay close attention to their appearance, which is something she has to adjust to and even learn as she undergoes a transformation of her own.

Away from the integration into a new lifestyle, Sally’s journey to France is also about making new friends and discovering different places in the country. Sally meets people from different parts of the world and makes friends with other exchange students and the residents of the town where she lives.

She also visits numerous sights that France has to offer, including the Eiffel Tower, which is beautifully and strategically used in the movie. In conclusion, Exchange Student is a heart-warming movie consisting of an intense emotional journey for Sally.

It encapsulates how travelling to a new country for an extended period can be a life-changing experience. Through the plot of the movie, viewers see that going outside one’s comfort zone is essential to personal growth and development.

Sally’s journey highlights the difficulties that come with adapting to a new country, but it also shows that the experience can bring a lot of joy and new insights into life. The movie’s storyline is authentic, thought-provoking and an excellent source of inspiration for anyone considering travelling to a foreign country.

Exchange Student is a movie that provides an immersive view of student exchange programs with gorgeous cinematography. The movie is shot predominantly in France, which is depicted beautifully- rich with culture and heritage.

The production crew used various location shots, which worked in favor of the story to make the audience feel like they were experiencing France with Sally. One of the strengths of the movie is how it captures the feelings of homesickness and loneliness experienced by Sally, thus conveying the challenge of studying abroad in a new environment.

The production staff, consisting of the director, cinematographer, and screenplay writers, did an excellent job of visually illustrating Sally’s experiences to depict her emotions. The movie uses realistic cinematography, and that makes the audience feel as though they are following Sally on her journey.

The equipment used in the shooting of the movie created a sense of inwardness, adding to the movie’s realism. The camera angles and lighting give the scenes a life like effect, which allows the audience to be fully immersed in the action.

Another great aspect of the production is the artistic use of French culture and landmarks as backdrops. The team didn’t only capture the French language; they incorporated other aspects of French life in the movie to make it an authentic experience for viewers.

Exchange Student’s colorful and vibrant cinematography adds depth to the film and engages viewers, giving them a taste of the French way of life. Lighting is also an essential element of the movie’s production.

Color grading techniques were used to emphasize the warm and yellow hues associated with French culture. The emotive lighting played a role in depicting how Sally transitions through her journey from point A to point B, bringing a new perspective to the movie’s production.

The wardrobe used in the movie also played a crucial role in Sally’s transformation. As the lead actress traveled and integrated into a foreign culture, her wardrobe transformed accordingly.

It was not only a beauty aspect but also a reflection of her transitioning from the old way of thinking to the new way of thought. Sound also played a crucial role in the production of Exchange Student.

The score and music used in the movie created the perfect ambiance for the different scenes. The use of sound effects on the movie was realistic, and this allowed the audience to be fully immersed in the movie’s experiences.

The sound quality was also perfect, and that made the listening experience enjoyable. In conclusion, Exchange Student’s production is a mix of impressive cinematography, perfect lighting, and an excellent portrayal of french culture with sound to match.

The appropriate use of actors, wardrobe, and locations in the movie also reflected French culture accurately. The production team did an excellent job creating a visual and audible connection between the audience and the movie.

Exchange Student is a perfect example of how production can bring a movie to life, creating an immersive experience for the audience. After production comes release, which marks the part where the movie’s marketing and distribution team takes over from the production crew.

Exchange Student was released in the year 2019, and it was marketed to different audiences globally. The movie’s release strategy was intended to attract a wide audience – from individuals interested in student exchange programs to those who love experiencing new cultures through cinema.

The movie was expected to appeal to high school and college students who want to experience what it means to be in a foreign land, as well as adults who may be considering a similar opportunity. The marketing campaigns for the movie involved the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where the trailers of the movie were released weeks before the official release date.

This created excitement among its fan base, and the trailers also gave a glimpse of what to expect in the actual movie. The posters and billboards promoting the film before its release were eye-catching, featuring Sally and other exchange students in iconic French landmarks.

The producers relied on digital advertising techniques, including paid advertisements to target their audience through different platforms. They leveraged search engine optimization strategies to ensure that searchers interested in student exchange programs would find the movie with ease.

They also worked with promotional partners who would help attract viewers from different geographical locations. The movie’s distribution strategy was carefully planned to ensure that it had the widest distribution possible.

Exchange Student was first released in selected theaters in different parts of the world, and later, it was available on streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes, to cater to the audience who might not have gotten the chance to see it in the theaters. Streaming services played a crucial role in the distribution of the movie, allowing it to reach audiences globally, regardless of location.

Individuals who had missed the chance to watch the movie on the big screen could watch it from the comfort of their homes. This method made it possible for the film to reach a broader audience and provided the producers with an opportunity to generate higher revenues as well.

Lastly, reviews of the movie after its release were overall positive, indicating that the movie resonated with its intended audience, and the promotional strategy worked. Many people seemed to enjoy the movie’s authenticity, and it was portrayed well in a relatively short runtime.

In conclusion, the release of Exchange Student was a strategy implemented with the intention of reaching as broad an audience as possible. The promotion and distribution strategy of the movie helped to attract moviegoers to the theaters and streaming services, where it was available.

Even better than this, the marketing strategy influenced buyers’ views of the movie, and the reviews that came out after the release were encouraging. All in all, the release of the movie played a crucial role in making it a success, with the help of other factors such as perfect production.

The soundtrack is an integral part of every movie. It helps to set the tone for each scene and evoke emotions in the audience.

Exchange Student has an excellent soundtrack that perfectly complements the film’s storyline, helping to create an immersive experience. The music in Exchange Student is a mix of popular French songs and memorable original scores.

The soundtrack blends seamlessly with the movie scenes, creating a harmonious environment for viewers’ auditive pleasure. The opening credits feature an upbeat French tune, opening with a lively accordion that remains the primary musical instrument throughout the movie.

This sets the tone for the movie, giving the audience a glimpse of what they can expect. Throughout the movie, the soundtrack is used to evoke emotions of nostalgia, romanticism, and joy, as well as the feeling of loneliness that can come with studying in a foreign land.

Each of the background scores is excellently placed to suit the mood of the different scenes, emphasizing the film’s visuals. One of the most memorable songs in the movie is “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf, a classic French song.

This is used to great effect in one of the romantic scenes in the movie, where Sally is shown enjoying herself in the company of the museum owner, Theo. The love-filled scenes between Sally and Theo are beautifully underscored with Piaf’s alluring melodies, making it one of the most memorable scenes of the movie.

Another scene with great music is when Sally takes part in the celebration of Bastille Day. This is where the filmmakers have seamlessly integrated traditional French music, with several people dancing in the streets, emphasizing the importance of a classically French celebration.

The music in Exchange Student extends far beyond only French artists, and the contemporary pop music is included to create the movie’s blend and characteristics. One of the scenes features a party that Sally attends, and the music playing in the background captures the right mood and ambiance for the event.

The soundtrack’s producers did an excellent job creating a harmonic balance between the French classics and contemporary pop music to ensure every scene in the movie has an appropriate track to endow the audience with the perfect auditory experience. In conclusion, the soundtrack in Exchange Student is sensory, well-crafted, and beautifully adapted to suit both the mood of the scenes and the theme of the movie.

The selection of songs is superb, offering a mix of French classics, traditional local folk music, and modern pop music to cater to a broad audience. The tracks beautifully complement the movie’s visuals, emphasizing the emotions depicted throughout the film.

The audio production of the movie is an excellent example of the importance of an excellent soundtrack in portraying feelings and shaping the movie’s overall experience. In conclusion, Exchange Student is a heartwarming and relatable movie that offers viewers a glimpse into the life of a student studying abroad.

The film’s plot, production, release, and soundtrack work harmoniously to provide an immersive experience for viewers, showing the various facets of the student exchange program. It highlights the challenges, cultural differences as well the importance of exploration, learning, and adaptation.

The film’s themes are essential life lessons for all ages and backgrounds, underlining the significance of diversity and openness to unique experiences that come with exploring other cultures. FAQs:

Q: What is Exchange Student?

A: Exchange Student is a movie that showcases the ups and downs of a high school student’s journey to France to study abroad. Q: What are the central themes in the movie?

A: The central themes of the movie include adapting to cultural differences, exploring new opportunities, and learning to appreciate diversity. Q: What audiences is the movie intended for?

A: The movie targets high school and college students, and anyone interested in student exchange programs and exploring other cultures. Q: How does the soundtrack contribute to the film?

A: The soundtrack helps to set the tone for each scene and evoke emotions in the audience by creating a harmonious environment for viewers’ audio pleasure. Q: Where can I watch Exchange Student?

A: Exchange Student is streaming on digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes in different regions of the world.

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