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Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: A Timeless Family Comedy Classic

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: A Lighthearted Adventure for the Whole Family

For those who love a good family-friendly comedy, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is definitely a movie to check out. Released in 1989, this film follows the story of Ernest P.

Worrell, a lovable and goofy character who embarks on a thrilling adventure to the iconic Splash Mountain in Disneyland.Ernest, portrayed by Jim Varney, is an experienced handyman who works at an amusement park. When he receives a mysterious call from a woman named Miss Athena, who wants him to help her find a long-lost golden pickaxe, Ernest jumps at the chance to embark on a new adventure.

The pickaxe is said to be at the top of Splash Mountain, so Ernest teams up with his friends and sets off to Disneyland in search of it. Act One: The Journey Begins

As soon as Ernest and his friends arrive at Disneyland, they are greeted with all the magic and wonder of the theme park.

The group is determined to find the pickaxe, but they quickly become distracted by all the attractions the park has to offer. They ride roller coasters, eat cotton candy, and explore all the corners of Disneyland, making for some hilarious moments on screen.

Act Two: The Search for the Pickaxe

As the group continues their search for the pickaxe, they encounter a number of obstacles and challenges. They meet up with a gang of bullies, who try to steal the pickaxe from them, and they get lost in the maze of tunnels beneath Splash Mountain.

Through it all, Ernest remains upbeat and optimistic, determined to find the pickaxe and complete his mission. Act Three: The Climax

As the group finally reaches the top of Splash Mountain, they discover that the pickaxe is being guarded by a legendary creature known as the Clumsy Troll.

Ernest uses his quick wit and charm to outsmart the Troll and retrieve the pickaxe, but not before a wild and unforgettable battle takes place. Act Four: The


Ernest and his friends return to Miss Athena with the pickaxe, and they are rewarded for their bravery with a special surprise. They realize that the real reward of their journey was the memories they made and the friendships they formed along the way.


Overall, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is a lighthearted and entertaining movie that the whole family can enjoy. Jim Varney’s performance as Ernest is charming and funny, and the story is filled with adventure, action, and heartwarming moments.

So gather the family and plan a trip to Disneyland, and don’t forget to watch Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain before you go!

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: A Comical Adventure across Disneyland

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is a feature-length comedy film that propelled the late Jim Varney to stardom. The 1989 movie features Ernest P.

Worrell and his friends, including his trusty sidekick, Vern, as they undertake a mission to retrieve a golden pickaxe from the top of Splash Mountain. While the plot of this movie is quite simple, the story is nonetheless filled with hilarious situations and iconic moments that are now etched in cinema history.

Act One: A Fortuitous Invitation to a Disney Adventure

The movie opens with Ernest working as a handyman at the local amusement park. He receives a call from Miss Athena, who invites him to accompany her to Disneyland with hopes of tracking down a lost golden pickaxe.

Ernest jumps at the opportunity and heads off to Disneyland along with his friends, including the ever-faithful Vern. Act Two: The Quest Begins in Earnest

Once they arrive in Disneyland, Ernest and company embark on their search for the pickaxe.

They hit numerous rides and attractions, such as Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. Along the way, they face several obstacles that stand in the way of their goal, including rival treasure hunters, shadowy figures, and traps.

But Ernest is relentless, and he is undaunted by the repeated obstacles that crop up. Act Three: The Chase to the Top

The movie’s climax happens during an exhilarating scene at the top of Splash Mountain, where Ernest and his friends finally find the long-lost pickaxe.

The trio faces one final challenge, however, when they are stopped by an enormous, bumbling troll that guards the pickaxe. The encounter is hilarious and memorable, and the audience is sure to find themselves rooting for Ernest and his allies to succeed.

Act Four: Mission Accomplished and Prize Collected

Even though Ernest and his friends face a rather frightening challenge atop Splash Mountain, they ultimately succeed in their endeavor. They return the legendary golden pickaxe to Miss Athena and receive their rewards for their troubles.

Yet, this lot faces more adventures, which are plenty and exciting as the movie combines the humor of slapstick, physical comedy, and witty dialogue.


In conclusion, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is an enduring testament to the comedic and cinematic prowess of the late Jim Varney. The movie is full of hilarious situations and unforgettable moments, all captured in the iconic landscape of Disneyland.

With its lighthearted and fun approach, the movie is sure to captivate audiences of all ages, particularly those who are fans of slapstick humor or comedy films. Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is one of those films that are perfect for a cozy family movie night, conjuring an image of happiness, joy and laughter.

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: A Look into the Production of a Classic Comedy

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is a 1989 comedy film that became an instant classic among fans of family-friendly cinema. The movie stars the late Jim Varney as Ernest, as well as a cast of other comedic performers who brought their unique talents to the production.

Behind the scenes, the film was helmed by a team of experienced professionals who used all their expertise to bring Ernest’s Disneyland adventure to life.


One of the most crucial elements of any film production is its casting. In the case of Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain, the key role of Ernest was played by Jim Varney, who had already established himself with his popular Ernest character through a series of beloved commercials.

Varney’s expertise in physical and slapstick comedy was a perfect match for the script’s humorous nature. The rest of the cast included skilled comedic performers such as Victoria Racimo, Linda Kash, and John Vernon.

Filming Locations

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain was filmed entirely on location at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The amusement park’s iconic attractions and landmarks, such as Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion, served as the backdrop for the film’s various scenes and sequences.

Filming in the midst of open crowds was often problematic, but the production team made excellent use of the locations available to them to capture unforgettable images that conveyed the unique magic and atmosphere of Disneyland.

Production Design

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is renowned for its vibrant, colorful, and imaginative production design that expertly transports viewers into the world of the film. The sets, costumes, and special effects all worked to create an immersive experience that perfectly complemented the movie’s comedic and light-hearted tone.

The design of the characters’ various outfits was detailed and creative, and the design of the films settings, from the park’s cable cars to the scary scene featured inside the Haunted Mansion, provided an enjoyable and memorable sight to behold.

Editing and Mixing

Post-production is an essential step in any film featuring a complex mix of stunts, special effects, and live-action footage. The post-production team was tasked with seamlessly splicing together the various pieces of footage shot at Disneyland, combined with other essential visual and audio elements, to create a polished and professional final product.

The editing process also ensured the pacing of the various comedic scenes and segments felt balanced and that the humor landed in a way that was both satisfying and entertaining.

Music and Score

Another crucial aspect of any movie is the soundtrack, and Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is no exception. The music and score of the film were composed by Mark Watters, who used a range of instrumentation and musical styles to provide a backdrop that matched the tone of the movie.

The film’s opening sequence, for instance, features an upbeat and exciting tune that sets the stage for the lighthearted and comedic adventure that follows. The stand-alone songs like

The Famous Jim-Jam Song and the

Splash Mountain Theme are also catchy and memorable tunes.


Overall, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is a classic comedy that has stood the test of time. The combination of Jim Varney’s comedic talents, Disneyland’s iconic scenery, and the expert production of a talented team of professionals all came together to create a unique and unforgettable movie experience.

From casting and costume design to location scouting, editing, and sound design, every aspect of the production of this film was executed with care and attention to detail. As a result, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain remains a pleasure to watch, even more than thirty years after its initial release.

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: A Successful Release and Lasting


Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain was released in 1989, during a time when family-friendly movies were all the rage. With its clever mix of physical humor, slapstick comedy, and heartwarming moments, it was perfectly positioned to succeed with audiences who were looking for a fun and lighthearted cinema experience.

Box Office Success

Upon its release, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain was well-received by audiences and critics alike, becoming a commercial success. The movie went on to gross over $25 million at the box office, efficiently making back its production budget and cementing Jim Varney’s place among Hollywood’s comedy elite.

Cult Following

Since its initial release, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain has gained a cult following among fans who appreciate its unique blend of humor and heartfelt moments. The film’s legacy is evident in the continued popularity of the Ernest character, who went on to star in several sequels and additional television commercials.

The ridiculous and loveable character proved to be one of the most iconic of the 90s, and still holds up as a classic family-friendly comedy to this day.

Home Video and Streaming Releases

With the rise of home video and streaming services, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain has reached more audiences over the years. The movie has been re-released on DVD and Blu-ray format several times, complete with additional bonus features and special edition content.

The continued popularity of the movie has led to it being added to several streaming services, allowing it to reach even more people who are looking for a fun and lighthearted comedy film to watch with their family and friends.

Memorable Catchphrases and Moments

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is also famous for its collection of one-liners and catchphrases that have stuck with audiences even decades after its release. Sayings like “Knowwhutimean, Vern?” and “Hey, Vern, It’s Me, Ernest!” were popularized by Jim Varney’s character and are still quoted by fans to this day.

The humorously choreographed battle scene with the Clumsy Troll atop Splash Mountain is undoubtedly one of the movie’s most memorable and entertaining moments, as tense as it is hilarious.


Even though Jim Varney has since passed, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain remains a beloved and entertaining film that emerged as a considerable success both domestically and internationally. It’s a movie that still resonates with audiences today because of its classic humor, colorful characters, and charming story.

The film’s enduring legacy continues to inspire fans and future filmmakers alike, serving as a testament to the power of excellent comedy, family-friendly entertainment, and the significance of Disneyland’s iconic landmarks.


Against all odds, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain has evolved into a unique and iconic film that resonated well with audiences. The movie’s continued popularity with fans and critics is a testament to its enduring legacy and influence on the comedy genre.

It shows that even though it’s been more than thirty years since its initial release, there’s still plenty of magic and laughter to be found with Ernest P. Worrell and his humorous adventures.

Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain will undoubtedly remain energizing for audiences for generations to come. Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: Music That Perfectly Complements the Film

The soundtrack of a movie is as critical as the characters in it, and Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is no exception.

The film’s score and songs were all carefully composed and chosen to enhance the viewers’ experience and convey the humor and emotions present in the movie. With the help of an experienced music team, the director and producers were able to turn an already unique movie into one that was full of unforgettable tunes and catchy songs.

Mark Watters: The Man Behind the Music

The score and soundtrack of Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain were composed by Mark Watters, an experienced and talented musician who has also worked on several other successful movies and television shows. Watters’ composition perfectly complemented and accentuated the comedic moments in the movie, as well as highlighted the more heartfelt and emotional scenes.

His expertise in crafting scores was evident, as the soundtrack achieved a balanced blend of music and comedy while also adding just the right amount of depth that the storyline needed.

The Opening Sequences

The film’s opening credits served as a perfect introduction to the mood and tone of the movie. With a lively and upbeat tune that serves as the opening credits music, viewers were primed and ready for a fun and lighthearted adventure at Disneyland.

The infectious melody and irresistible beat matched the momentum and energy of the movie’s opening segment, with Ernest getting ready for his journey, packing his tools and getting set to embark on his wild and wacky fairground rollercoaster.

The Famous Jim-Jam Song

Another standout song from the movie is “The Famous Jim Jam Song,” which is as humorous as it is memorable. In this upbeat number, Jim Varney performs a catchy tune that has the audience tapping their toes and bobbing their heads.

The song’s lyrics are full of fun phrases and funny puns, which make for a highly enjoyable musical number. It’s catchy enough to stick to your mind for days, and the rhythm is so infectious that you won’t be able to get it off your head!

Splash Mountain Theme


Splash Mountain Theme is another track that stands out from the soundtrack of the movie. The song plays during one of the film’s most iconic scenes – the battle with the Clumsy Troll atop Splash Mountain.

This high-energy and climactic tune perfectly captures the excitement and danger that the characters face in their fight. Its pacing is frenetic, as well as featuring a vast array of instruments and a chorus that builds excitement and serves as a fitting climax for the movie.


Even though the movie was released over three decades ago, its shared spirit of mirth and positivity in its music has continued to charm audiences. The film’s score has earned a reputation amongst fans, and the different songs continue to be remembered and quoted.

The movie’s soundtrack embodies the sunshiny, adventurous, and comedic spirit of Ernest P. Worrell himself, ensuring that watchers will always have an unforgettable fondness for the film’s music.


The music and sound of Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain live up to the film’s overall excellence and quality. The exhilarating scoring perfectly compliments the humor and exciting action of the movie, while also capturing the spirit of Disneyland’s iconic park.

Mark Watters and the rest of the music team did an exceptional job in crafting a soundtrack that stuck with viewers long after the movie ended. The music and soundtrack of the movie form a unique part of its legacy and charm, adding value and joy to an already delightful movie.

In conclusion, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain is a classic family comedy that has stood the test of time. The movie’s production, release, and soundtrack all contributed significantly to its success and enduring legacy.

Viewers are entertained by Jim Varney’s comedic genius, the film’s imaginative settings, and the catchy music. With its enduring legacy, Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain remains a must-watch film for broad audiences of all ages to come.


1. Who composed the soundtrack for Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain?

The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Mark Watters. 2.

What is the approximate box office earnings of the movie? Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain grossed over 25 million dollars.

3. Can I watch Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain on streaming platforms?

Yes, the movie is available on several streaming platforms. 4.

Was the movie shot on location at Disneyland? Yes, the movie was filmed entirely on location at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

5. Why is Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain so popular?

The movie is popular for its unique blend of humor, heartfelt moments, and unforgettable scenes. 6.

What are the popular catchphrases from the movie? “Hey, Vern, It’s Me, Ernest!” and “Knowwhutimean, Vern?” are some of the iconic catchphrases from the movie.

7. Who starred as Ernest in the movie?

The late Jim Varney portrayed the character of Ernest in the movie.

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