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Enchanted: A Fairytale Classic that Captivates All Ages

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom far, far away, a beautiful princess named Giselle lived a happy life surrounded by kind animals and singing birds. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when the evil queen Narissa, who wished to keep her throne, sought to eliminate all threats to her rule- including Giselle.

The story of Enchanted follows Giselle’s journey into a foreign world, the city of New York, after being banished from her own kingdom by a spell cast by Narissa. The spell transported Giselle out of the fairytale world and into reality, surprisingly amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Here, Giselle is forced to adapt to a foreign world that is indifferent to her fairytale charm. Throughout the film, Giselle becomes involved with divorce lawyer Robert, who finds her lost and confused on the streets of New York City.

Unlike Giselle, Robert is a rational and practical character who views the world through a realistic lens. As the story progresses, the two characters form an unconventional bond.

Together, Giselle and Robert develop a friendship that morphs into love, which further complicates their interactions. Meanwhile, Prince Edward, the epitome of the classic fairytale hero, travels through the same portal that transported Giselle to New York City.

His mission is to rescue Giselle from the clutches of Narissa and return her to their home kingdom of Andalasia. However, the barbarous city of New York makes his task challenging; his florid language and actions make him a mockery among humans.

As the story unfolds, we see Giselle struggle to adapt to the harsh city environment of New York. She tries different means to survive in the city, including cleaning apartments for a living, but still manages to hold on to her endless hope, inspiring those around her.

Her infectious optimism touches everyone and lights up New York like never before.

However, Narissa is not far behind, and when Giselle’s prince, Edward, arrives to rescue her, Narissa tries to stop him.

This leads to a battle lined with twists and turns, ending with Narissa’s defeat. Giselle and Edward return to their kingdom as a reunited and happy couple.

The film, Enchanted, is a beautiful blend of animation and reality that seamlessly intertwines mythology and the real world. It portrays the strength of an innocent heart and gives us a glimpse into the power of love, optimism, and hope.

It is a heartwarming story about learning to accept change and understanding that true love does lead to a happy ending. In the end, Enchanted is a modern yet classic tale that weaves together love, friendship, and magic in a way that will capture the hearts of viewers timelessly.

It takes the viewers on an exhilarating journey of emotions, and at the same time, prompts us to revisit our childhood memories of fairytales. Enchanted is a perfect movie suitable for all ages that reminds us to look beyond reality, to see joy in everything, and to have faith in magic.

Enchanted is a remarkable tale of the fantastical and the modern world, filled with memorable characters that bring to life an enchanting storyline. The movie’s plot follows the story of Giselle, who is forced to leave her fairy tale world and enter the real world in the city of New York.

Upon arriving in the city, Giselle is confused and disoriented, trying to make sense of her new surroundings. She immediately becomes stranded in Times Square, where she meets Robert, a divorce lawyer.

Robert shows her kindness and generosity by offering her a place to stay overnight until she can figure out a plan. As Giselle and Robert spend time together, they come to realize that they share a deep connection.

Despite being from different worlds, they form a friendship that blossoms into love. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Giselle is betrothed to Prince Edward, her true love and the man who must rescue her from her new surroundings.

Throughout the film, Prince Edward, Giselle’s fianc, arrives in New York City and is shocked by what he sees. The modern world is drastically different from his medieval land.

Nonetheless, Prince Edward embarks on a journey to find Giselle and bring her back with him. He enlists the help of Giselle’s singing friends and his loyal sidekick Nathaniel in his mission.

However, their efforts are complicated by the fact that Narissa, the evil queen and Prince Edward’s stepmother, has followed Giselle and intends to stop her from returning home. Narissa disguises herself as an old woman, tricks Giselle into taking a poison apple, and successfully captures her.

Prince Edward, Robert, and their companions track Narissa and Giselle to the top of a castle to rescue her. During their encounter with Narissa, a series of events lead Giselle and Narissa to fall from the building’s edge and end up on the streets of New York.

A life or death struggle ensues between Giselle and Narissa. In the end, when Giselle’s life is threatened, Robert comes to her rescue.

He saves her by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with a true love’s kiss, breaking the curse that Narissa cast on her. Following this, Narissa is defeated, and Giselle returns home with Prince Edward.

In conclusion, Enchanted is a movie that has a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and fantasy. It effortlessly transports the audience into a world of fairy tale magic and love.

Although the film’s world is created for a younger audience, it appeals to all ages by creating a sense of nostalgia and reminding viewers that the joy of believing in fairy tales is not just for children. The story’s plot has several captivating twists and turns that hold viewers’ attention and allow them to become lost in the film’s world.

Enchanted is a testament to the importance of having an open heart and mind, seeing the best in others and embracing life’s magic moments. Overall, the film is a tribute to the power of love, hope, and optimism.

It is a delightful watch for family and friends who want to experience the joy of a classic fairytale with a modern twist. Enchanted is an excellent movie that teaches audiences that love can transcend time and boundaries and that good always triumphs over evil.

Enchanted is a 2007 American musical, romantic, and comedy fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Sonnenfeld Productions. The film created a wonderful fairytale world through brilliant production design and visual effects that transport the audience into a magical kingdom far, far away.

The production team’s attention to detail, imagination, and creativity made the fairytale experience all the more memorable. The movie’s director, Kevin Lima, created a visually-luxurious world that was a beautiful blend of computer-generated backgrounds and real-life sets.

The animation seamlessly transitioned into the live-action scenes, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Overall, the film production costs for Enchanted were estimated to be around $85 million, which enabled the production team to invest heavily in making the movie a magical experience for their viewers.

The costume design for Enchanted was another critical aspect that contributed to the film’s stunning visuals. The film’s costume designer, Mona May, worked tirelessly to create visually-stunning and authentic costumes that bring the fairytale world to life.

Giselle’s fairytale costumes were inspired by several classic Disney princesses, such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. In contrast, the costumes for the character Robert were modest and dull, matching his personality and profession.

The creation of the imaginary kingdom of Andalasia was a massive project that required months of preparation and design. The creative team researched medieval art, architecture, and European landscapes to develop an authentic design for the imaginary kingdom.

Furthermore, the team incorporated digital technology with traditional animation techniques to design the virtual environment that would later be blended with the live-action scenes. The movie’s sound production was also critical to the overall success of the film.

Enchanted featured a musical storyline, and the production team worked diligently to ensure the sound quality matched the vibrant visuals. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, and they worked to create songs that would stick in the viewers mind while also advancing the plot.

Enchanted’s production also relied heavily on the exceptional performances of its cast members. The lead actors of the film, Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, and Patrick Dempsey, brought their characters to life with excellence, creating a realistic and immersive experience for the audience.

Christopher Gattelli, who choreographed the musical segments of the film, also deserves recognition for his contribution to the production. The choreography fulfilled the music’s promise, creating magical movements, and perfectly portrayed Giselle’s innocent, colorful, and upbeat character.

In conclusion, Enchanted’s production is an excellent example of how a brilliant creative team can create a storybook world using cutting-edge technology and production techniques. The production was visually stunning, authentically designed, and seamlessly integrated computer-generated animation into the live-action scenes.

Every component of the film, from costumes to sound production, was carefully crafted to produce a captivating and memorable experience for its audience. Overall, the film’s production is exceptional and proves that imagination and creativity have no limits, and when told with love and attention to detail, it can set a benchmark in cinematic history.

Through meticulous planning and skilled craftsmanship, Enchanted brought a mirage visual experience to film and remains a beloved tale enjoyed by audiences today. Enchanted is a beloved 2007 American musical fantasy film that captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

The movie was a success commercially and critically and was well-received by both younger and older audiences alike. The film’s release, marketing, and distribution strategy played a crucial role in its success and popularity.

Walt Disney Pictures released Enchanted in cinemas across the United States on November 21, 2007. The film’s premiere was an all-out fairytale affair, with many A-list Hollywood celebrities and media agencies in attendance.

Pre-release trailers and advertisements played a central role in creating anticipation and excitement among viewers ahead of the movie’s release. Enchanted went on to gross over $340 million worldwide at the box office, making it one of the highest-earning films of the year.

In addition, the movie received critical acclaim from various renowned filmmakers and critics who praised the film’s exceptional production, acting, and storyline. The film’s success can also be attributed to its marketing strategy, which focused on engaging younger and older audiences differently.

The film was marketed by creating an aesthetic that looked and felt like a classic Disney fairy tale. The merchandise industry was also a part of the marketing campaign, with Enchanted-themed products such as toys, clothing, DVDs, and books.

Additionally, Disney also released a video game based on the movie to attract gamers. Moreover, Enchanted’s release strategy was clever, as the film was introduced at a period in which family movie releases were significant.

It was released just in time for the holiday season and Thanksgiving, making it a suitable family movie for such an event. The film also featured several musical scenes that were crucial to the story’s progress, making it a musical movie for soundtrack lovers.

Enchanted’s distribution strategy also played a significant role in the movie’s success, as Disney channelled its distribution approach to target different audiences in different regions. In countries with a younger audience, Disney translated the movies marketing campaign to appeal to the target audience’s tastes.

In contrast, in countries with an older audience, the focus shifted to promoting the film’s target audience. In conclusion, Enchanted’s release, marketing and distribution strategy was a significant factor in the film’s overwhelming success.

The release approach and marketing campaign efficiently targeted its audience, marking the movie as an all-rounder that appealed to both the younger and older crowds. Disney also deployed a suitable distribution strategy that emphasised localisation and region-specific views, making Enchanted a global box office success.

These strategies came together to make sure Enchanted’s cinematic experience was one that appealed universally to its audience. As we look back at the movies release and its overwhelming success, it is evident that making a classic fairy tale with a touch of modern-day twist was well received.

Enchanted’s soundtrack was a significant factor in making the film a memorable and heartwarming cinematic experience. The movie’s soundtrack captured the right pulse and mood of each scene and featured a blend of upbeat and engaging tunes that reinforced the film’s whimsical and romantic themes.

The soundtrack was composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, both of whom penned the music for several Disney movie classics, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The duo’s score for Enchanted was a masterpiece that perfectly captured the essence of a classic Disney fairytale while also bringing a fresh, modern upgrade.

The film opens with the song “True Love’s Kiss,” a jolly tune that sets the stage for the fairytale storyline. The song’s lyrics appropriately foreshadow the central romance that the plot revolves around.

The song is performed by the characters Giselle, who was played by Amy Adams, and Prince Edward, played by James Marsden. The duet is a lively, romantic performance that immerses the audience in the characters’ magic and happiness.

The other songs included in the soundtrack, including “Happy Working Song,” “That’s How You Know,” and “So Close,” are outstanding performances that blend sound and lyrics to produce a cinematic musical experience. Each song is uniquely crafted to advance the plot and develop the characters’ emotions, bringing to life the film’s fairytale world through the enchanting lyrics and melodic tunes.

The films score is characterised by its masterful use of orchestra and classic Disney style musical arrangements, a legacy trait of the composer, Alan Menken. The music acts as the backdrop for the captivating visuals and award-winning performances, furthering the story’s magical arc.

The soundtrack of Enchanted was an instant hit with audiences, reaching the top 10 on the US Billboard charts. Moreover, the movie’s soundtrack was also nominated for various prestigious awards, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

The success of the soundtrack was contributed to by the artists themselves, who poured their hearts out in the creation process. Amy Adams, who played Giselle, performed several of the songs herself, and her delightful, high-pitched vocals added to the film’s wholesomeness and charm.

In conclusion, Enchanted’s soundtrack was a triumph that perfectly complemented the film’s visual and narrative elements. The combination of Alan Menken’s musical composition and Stephen Schwartz’s lyrical prowess, coupled with stunning performances by the movie’s cast, created a magical audio experience for audiences worldwide.

Enchanted’s soundtrack was a memorable and catchy addition to Disney’s extensive list of remarkable soundtracks, ranking it among the best in the industry’s history. The music’s success serves as a testament to the power of melody and how it can elevate a film’s enchanting experience to audience worldwide.

Enchanted is an extraordinary movie that has captivated audiences worldwide with its heartwarming storyline, excellent production, and memorable soundtrack. It successfully interweaves the fantastical and the real world, creating a fairytale experience like no other.

Enchanted’s memorable soundtrack, production design, marketing, and distribution strategy have made it an exceptional cinematic experience that continues to remain an all-time favorite. Ultimately, Enchanted teaches viewers important lessons about acceptance, imagination, and the power of true love.


Q: What is the film Enchanted about? A: Enchanted is a movie that follows the journey of the fairytale character, Giselle, who enters the real world and has to adapt to its reality.

Q: Who directed Enchanted? A: Enchanted was directed by Kevin Lima.

Q: How much did Enchanted cost to produce? A: Enchanted had an estimated production cost of $85 million.

Q: Who composed the soundtrack for Enchanted? A: The film’s soundtrack was composed by Alan Menken.

Q: What was the Enchanted soundtrack’s most popular song? A: “True Love’s Kiss” was one of the most popular songs in the Enchanted soundtrack.

Q: What awards was Enchanted nominated for? A: Enchanted’s soundtrack was nominated for various awards, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

Q: When was Enchanted released in cinemas? A: Enchanted was released in the United States on November 21, 2007.

Q: How much did Enchanted make at the box office? A: Enchanted grossed over $340 million worldwide.

Q: Who starred in Enchanted? A: Enchanted featured Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey, and James Marsden in the lead roles.

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