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Encanto Soundtrack: A Musical Journey of Love and Self-Discovery

Encanto Songs and Awards: A Close Look at the Memorable Soundtrack and Accolades

Disney’s latest offering, Encanto, has gained immense popularity ever since its release. It transports viewers to Colombia, where they meet a family with magical powers.

The movie does an excellent job of showcasing the importance of family, love, and self-discovery, and the soundtrack is a major contributor to its success. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Encanto Songs and Awards, providing you with everything you need to know about this fantastic musical journey.

Encanto Soundtrack: Memorable Songs that Touch the Heart

One of the highlights of Encanto is its musical score, and the soundtrack has received immense love and appreciation from audiences across the globe. The songs in the movie are a beautiful blend of Latin American music, pop, and rock, giving the audience a fresh take on the genre.

The movie’s score is composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is known for his impressive works for Hamilton, Moana, and In the Heights. Encanto features several memorable songs, including “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Surface Pressure,” “Dos Oruguitas,” and “Colombia, Mi Encanto.” Each song is unique and has a specific role to play in the movie’s narrative.

The soundtrack has genuinely captured the essence of Colombia’s music and culture and has received critical acclaim for it. Nominations and Awards: Encanto is a Winning Movie

Encanto has not only captured audiences’ hearts, but it has also made its mark in the awards circuit.

The movie has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Golden Globe and the Annie Award. Here’s a closer look at Encanto’s nominations and wins.

Golden Globe Nomination: Best Motion Picture – Animated

The Golden Globe Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the entertainment industry. Encanto was nominated in the Best Motion Picture – Animated category.

While Encanto could not take home the award, it was an incredible achievement for the movie and the team involved. Annie Award Nomination: Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature

The Annie Awards are another significant awards ceremony in the animation industry.

Encanto has been nominated for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature. Considering the critical acclaim and the popularity of the movie’s soundtrack, it is a well-deserved nomination.

Encanto Song List: A Comprehensive Guide to the Soundtrack

The Encanto soundtrack features ten fantastic songs that have become an instant hit with fans. Here is a complete list of all the songs in Encanto:


“Colombia, Mi Encanto”

2. “Dos Oruguitas”



4. “Surface Pressure”


“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

6. “The Family Madrigal”


“Waiting on a Miracle”

8. “No Soy Yo”


“Dos Oruguitas (Reprise)”

10. “What Else Can I Do?”

Encanto Song Lyrics: Words that Define the Magic

Encanto’s soundtrack boasts powerful lyrics that have touched the hearts of millions across the globe.

The lyrics are a testament to the movie’s themes of family, love, and self-discovery. Here is a closer look at the lyrics of some of Encanto’s most popular songs.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

“We don’t talk about Bruno

No, no, no, no

We don’t talk about Bruno

But let’s not forget about Bruno

The one the family’s too ashamed to name

We don’t talk about Bruno

But every time he’s brought up

It’s the same old refrain

We don’t talk about Bruno”

“Surface Pressure”

“I thought that I could take it

All that stress and doubt and weight and just fake it

There’s no way to know how long it’d take

I’m just here in my skin

But what lies waiting-“

“Colombia, Mi Encanto”

“Colombia, mi encanto

My heart beats alone for thee

Colombia, mi encanto

You fill me with joy and glee”


Encanto is a movie that has taken the world by storm. Its infectious soundtrack and heartwarming story have resonated with viewers across the world.

The movie’s songs have not only won over the audience’s hearts but have also received critical acclaim and nominations at prestigious awards ceremonies. The Encanto song list and lyrics are a testament to the movie’s magic and bring to life its themes of love, family, and self-discovery.

Encanto is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good musical or just wants to experience a magical journey. Favorite Encanto Songs: Fans’ Top Picks for the Memorable Soundtrack

Encanto has taken the world by storm with its captivating story, delightful characters, and uplifting music.

In this article, we explore the favorite Encanto songs of fans around the world and ask for opinions to find out what makes these songs so special. Fan Favorites: Songs That Steal Hearts

From the playful beats of “Dos Orquiditos” to the soulful ballad of “Surface Pressure,” Encanto’s songs have become fan favorites for a reason.

Over the past few weeks, Encanto fans have taken social media by storm to share their love for the soundtrack and their favorite songs. One of the most popular songs that fans have been talking about is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” This upbeat, fast-paced rhythm with its catchy chorus has resonated with audiences worldwide.

Fans have been raving about the song’s irresistible groove, the clever lyrics, and how it balances out the movie’s emotional moments. Another fan favorite is “Allergies,” which tells the story of Mirabel’s allergies in a tongue-in-cheek way.

The song is fun, upbeat, and features a catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Fans have praised the song’s humor and how it cleverly weaves together Mirabel’s allergies and her family’s expectations.

“Dos Oruguitas (Reprise)” is another fan favorite that has been highly praised for its emotional value. The song is a reprise of “Dos Oruguitas,” and it provides a moment of genuine care and understanding between two sisters, Isabella and Mirabel.

Fans have appreciated how the song captures the movie’s themes of family, love, and self-discovery in a beautiful and poignant way. Asking for Opinions: Your Favorite Encanto Songs

There is no doubt that Encanto’s songs have touched audiences’ hearts worldwide.

We want to hear from you- what are your favorite Encanto songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Encanto soundtrack is a beautiful blend of Latin American music, pop, and rock, and each song serves an essential purpose in the movie’s narrative. Whether it’s the playful beat of “Dos Orquiditos” or the emotional value of “Dos Oruguitas (Reprise),” there’s something for everyone in this soundtrack.


Encanto’s soundtrack has become a massive hit among music lovers worldwide, with its delightful blend of Latin American music and pop. There are several fan favorites, including “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Allergies,” and “Dos Oruguitas (Reprise),” that have been praised for their music, lyrics, and emotional value.

Fans have taken to social media to share their love for these songs and express how they have touched their hearts.

Closing Remarks

Encanto’s soundtrack is a great accompaniment to this heartwarming tale about family, love, and self-discovery. It transports viewers to Colombia through its music and provides the perfect mix of fun, joy, and emotion.

With such a diverse mix of songs, it is no surprise that Encanto’s soundtrack has become a universal favorite amongst fans worldwide. In conclusion, Encanto’s soundtrack has become a universal hit and is praised for capturing the essence of Colombian music and culture.

The movie’s songs have earned recognition and nominations at prestigious awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes and the Annie Awards. Fans have identified their favorite Encanto songs, which include “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Allergies,” and “Dos Oruguitas (Reprise).” From its playful beats to its emotional value, the Encanto soundtrack brings to life the movie’s themes of family, love, and self-discovery.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Encanto Songs and Awards:


1. Who composed the Encanto soundtrack?

Lin-Manuel Miranda composed the Encanto soundtrack. 2.

Which song was nominated for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature? “Dos Oruguitas” was nominated for Outstanding Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature at the Annie Awards.

3. What are some favorite songs among Encanto fans?

Some favorite songs among Encanto fans are “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Allergies,” and “Dos Oruguitas (Reprise).”

4. What is the core message of the Encanto movie?

The Encanto movie’s core message is centered around the importance of family, love, and self-discovery.

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