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Embracing Imperfections: Analyzing the Powerful Message behind Encanto’s ‘What Else Can I Do’

Encanto’s ‘What Else Can I Do’: A Powerful Ode to Embracing Imperfection and Individual Gifts

Disney’s newest animated movie, Encanto, is known for having a captivating soundtrack filled with memorable songs. One of the most powerful tracks on the movie’s soundtrack is ‘What Else Can I Do,’ which encourages viewers to embrace their unique gifts and imperfections.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the song and explore its powerful message. Overview of Encanto’s ‘What Else Can I Do’ Song

‘What Else Can I Do’ is one of the many memorable songs featured in Encanto that tells the story of a Colombian family blessed with magical powers.

The song features Mirabel and Isabela’s flower-growing abilities and encourages viewers to embrace their unique gifts rather than feeling ashamed of them. The song’s lyrics were written by the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, with singing voices provided by Diane Guerrero and Stephanie Beatriz.

The song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics make it an instant classic. The song starts with Mirabel and Isabela standing in a flower field, and Isabela creates an unexpected flower that wasn’t in the family’s magic book.

This sparks a conversation about the importance of imperfections and embracing them as part of what makes individuals unique. Lyrics of ‘What Else Can I Do’

The lyrics of ‘What Else Can I Do’ are powerful and thought-provoking.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most impactful lines from the song. “Started with a seed I found, Watched it as it barely came up from the ground

Never seen it before I saw it bloom, Look at all the colors, it’s like a festoon”

These lyrics describe Isabela’s unexpected creation, which isn’t in the family’s magic book.

They represent the idea that unique and unusual things can bloom into beautiful creations. “Fear of the new, the fear of the things I cannot do

Maybe they’ll see me different now, maybe they’ll see me weaker somehow”

These lyrics represent the fears that Isabela is carrying with her, as she ponders the possibility of not being accepted due to her imperfections.

This is a common feeling, especially when it comes to showcasing one’s unique qualities or talents. “So instead of always hiding out, I’m hoping that they’ll figure it out

Cause if I’m here and I’m for real, Then it must my turn to feel how it feels to be healed”

These words speak to the desire to be true to oneself and embrace one’s individuality, even if it means stepping out of the shadows and being vulnerable and authentic.

Throughout the song, the lyrics are filled with plant imagery, such as a “hurricane of jacarandas.” This imagery is used to represent the powerful forces of nature and compare them to the power of being true to oneself.


‘What Else Can I Do’ is a powerful song that encourages viewers to embrace their unique gifts and imperfections. The song features an upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics that make it an instant classic.

The song’s message is essential in a society that often values perfection over individuality, and it speaks to the importance of being true to oneself and embracing the things that make you different. Overall, this song is a must-listen for individuals of all ages, and it serves as a reminder that our differences are what make us truly special.

3) List of Encanto Songs

Encanto is a vibrant animated musical that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its catchy soundtrack. The songs of the movie perfectly encapsulate the messages of family, power, love, and the inner strength that comes from embracing imperfections.

Let’s dive deeper into the soundtrack of Encanto and explore some of the other songs included in the movie:

1. ‘The Family Madrigal’

The opening song sets the tone for the rest of the movie by introducing the Madrigal family and their unique powers.

2. ‘Mirabel’s Song’

This song is a reflective piece sung by the protagonist, Mirabel, as she contemplates the disconnect in her family.

The lyrics express her desire to be seen as more than just her magical powers. 3.

‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’

This iconic song tells the story of Bruno, the black sheep of the Madrigal family. It’s a catchy, upbeat tune that serves as an ode to the joys of gossip.

4. ‘All of You’

This is a touching song that represents the love between the Madrigal children and their grandmother.

It is a heartfelt reaffirmation of the inherent bond that exists between blood. 5.

‘Dos Oruguitas’

This song is a fun tune sung by Isabela and Antonia that describes their love for butterflies and their journey from cocoon to butterfly. 6.

‘Surface Pressure’

This song was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Colombian singer-songwriter, Lido Pimienta. It explores the idea that there is always an unseen pressure that people are trying to keep under control.

7. ‘The New Unity’

This hopeful song is sung by the Madrigal family as they come together in the face of adversity and chaos.

It celebrates the idea that even in difficult times, families can come together and create balance. 4) Dive into ‘What Else Can I Do’ with Song Meanings

‘What Else Can I Do’ is a powerful song that explores the themes of individuality and imperfection.

The song is performed by Mirabel and Isabela and is one of the standout tracks in Encanto’s soundtrack. Let’s dive deeper into the song’s lyrics and analyze the underlying meanings and connections to the movie’s themes.

The song tells the story of Isabela’s struggle to embrace her unique gift, her ability to grow rows of roses. She fears that it makes her appear weaker, so she hides behind her smiles.

Mirabel reassures her that her gift is beautiful, even if it’s unusual to others. This exchange represents the themes of individuality and embracing imperfection.

Throughout the movie, the Madrigal family members are expected to have certain powers that conform to their specific roles, but Isabela’s powers don’t fit into any of the boxes. The song encourages viewers that everyone has something that makes them unique, and it’s important to embrace these differences.

The song goes on to describe a “hurricane of jacarandas” and other plant imagery that represents the powerful forces of nature. This imagery is used to compare the power of being true to oneself and being authentic, even when it’s difficult or intimidating.

The uplifting message of the song, which celebrates individuality, is mirrored in the movie’s themes of self-love and acceptance. It also touches upon the importance of embracing imperfections and being true to oneself.

In conclusion, ‘What Else Can I Do’ is a powerful and uplifting song that celebrates the importance of embracing individuality and imperfection. It communicates one of the essential messages of Encanto- that its essential to be true to oneself and embrace the things that make you different.

The song’s meaningful lyrics fit perfectly with the movie’s heartwarming themes of family, love, and inner strength, and it is the perfect anthem for anyone struggling to find their place in the world.

5) Disney Song Lyrics List of Movies

Disney is well-renowned for its musical productions and hit movie soundtracks that have left lasting impressions on audiences worldwide. Fans of Disney movies cannot help but sing along to the iconic lyrics of their favorite Disney soundtracks.

Thanks to digital advances, access to lyrics and videos of Disney songs is now possible, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite songs anytime, anywhere. The availability of lyrics and videos has made it easier for Disney enthusiasts to sing along with their favorite characters and relive magical moments from Disney films.

Let’s explore some of the popular Disney movies and the songs that have made them unforgettable. 1.

Frozen (2013)

The movie’s soundtrack features instant classics such as “Let It Go,” “For the First Time in Forever,” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” The lyrics of these songs are written in a catchy and memorable manner and have become part of the pop culture zeitgeist. 2.

The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King’s soundtrack is a timeless classic whose lyrics, music, and story inspire audiences across several generations. The film features award-winning melodies such as “Circle of Life,” “Hakuna Matata,” “Be Prepared,” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”


Beauty and the Beast (1991)

This musical fairy tale movie has some of Disney’s most enduring hits, including the titular song “Beauty and the Beast,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Gaston.”

4. Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin’s magical tale features memorable songs such as “A Whole New World,” “Friend Like Me,” and “Arabian Nights.”


Encanto (2021)

Encanto’s soundtrack is full of powerful songs with moving lyrics. The movie’s songs communicate the importance of family, power, love, and embracing one’s uniqueness.

The songs feature upbeat rhythms and memorable lyrics, with standout tracks such as “What Else Can I Do” and “The Family Madrigal.”

Lyrics and videos of Disney songs are available on various online platforms like YouTube, and official Disney sites. These platforms allow fans to sing along to their favorite Disney tracks, dance to their rhythms, and relive the magical moments from their favorite Disney movies.

In conclusion, Disney movies are more than just their stories and characters, but their songs too. The ability to have access to lyrics and videos of Disney songs has made it easier for fans to connect with their favorite movie soundtracks.

These songs communicate powerful messages that inspire, empower, and captivate audiences, making them unforgettable for generations to come. In summary, the article discussed the powerful message in Encanto’s ‘What Else Can I Do’ song.

It encouraged viewers to embrace their unique gifts and imperfections, and this message resonated with the larger themes of the movie. We also explored other standout songs from the movie and discussed the significance of having access to Disney song lyrics and videos.

By singing along to these iconic soundtracks, fans can relive the magic of their beloved Disney movies.



Where can I find Disney song lyrics and videos?

Online platforms such as YouTube and official Disney websites provide access to Disney song lyrics and videos.

2. What makes ‘What Else Can I Do’ a memorable song?

The song’s powerful message to embrace imperfection and uniqueness, paired with upbeat music and catchy lyrics, makes it a standout track from Encanto’s soundtrack. 3.

Which other Disney movies have iconic soundtracks?

Movies such as Frozen, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin have enduring soundtracks that have captured the hearts of audiences across generations.

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