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Embark on a Magical Family Journey with Pixar’s Onward

Onward: A Magical Adventure Filled with Heart and Humor

Pixar has done it again with another masterpiece Onward. This movie strums the heartstrings of viewers with its tear-jerking moments, comic relief, and themes of family and loss.

Set in a suburban fantasy town where mythical creatures are commonplace, Onward gives a modern touch to traditional magical stories. It has taken the audience by storm with its magic touch, free spirit, risk-taker, suspense, and comedy, all rolled into one.

Directed by Dan Scanlon and written by Keith Bunin and Jason Headley, Onward stars Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mel Rodriguez, Octavia Spencer, and Lena Waithe. The movie features an openly gay character, which sets a new standard in the growth of diversity and representation in film.

Storyline and Themes

Onward follows the journey of two brothers, Ian Lightfoot (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (voiced by Chris Pratt), in their quest to bring their father back to life for a day. Their father left them a magical gift that can bring him back.

However, Ian and Barley have only 24 hours to complete the spell, and the magical journey starts from there. The quest is driven by the brothers’ motivations: Ian wants to meet his father for the first time, and Barley wants to see their dad again.

The movie explores themes of loss and familial love, showcasing how loss can shape a family. The brothers’ personalities reflect the characteristics of their dead father, which helps them overcome obstacles during the quest.

The movie powerfully portrays how the loss of a family member can also mean lost opportunities to connect and learn from that person.

Director and Writers

Dan Scanlon directs Onward, known for previously working on Monsters University, while Keith Bunin and Jason Headley write the film. The trio brings a unique blend of heart, magic, and humor to the film.

They create a cinematic experience that can be enjoyed by both adults and children since it provides a thoughtful and emotional plot with appropriate suspense and comedy.

Cast and Voices

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) bring life to Ian and Barley Lightfoot with their performances. The chemistry between the two brothers is seamless, creating a bond that is relatable for many viewers.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) voices their mother, Laurel, who maintains a more subdued role during the movie. Mel Rodriguez (Little Miss Sunshine) voices Colt Bronco, a centaur cop.

Octavia Spencer (The Help) is “The Manticore,” and Lena Waithe (Master of None) voices the first openly gay character in a Pixar film.

Music and Soundtrack

Unlike many Pixar movies, Onward lacks a musical segment for storytelling. However, the music utilized has a quick-cut soundtrack that blends well with crucial moments in the film.

The effects carry an excellent balance between silence and noise, using tricks like pixie dust to create unforgettable moments. The score adds an exquisitely magical touch to the story.

The Characters and Plot

The movie begins with the introduction of the main characters, Ian, and Barley Lightfoot. Ian is introduced as an insecure teenager who struggles to mature, while Barley is the older brother who embodies the characteristics of their deceased father.

Their mother, Laurel, is struggling to connect with her kids, which makes the development of the brother’s relationship even more important. The development of all characters throughout the plot provides a relatable and emotional experience for viewers.

The brothers’ quest, motivated by their father’s magical gift, takes them on an adventure as they attempt to bring their father back to life for just one day using the magic charm. The journey has moments of mystery and suspense, emphasizing the brother’s bond.

By the end of the film, viewers are left with a feeling of love and inspiration from the brothers’ reunion with their father.

The Manticore, voiced by Octavia Spencer, is an exciting secondary character.

As a quest sidekick, the Manticore initially appears as a terrifying and impatient creature. However, as she becomes part of the story, viewers see a more vulnerable side to her character.

The Manticore progresses from being a character that feels socially ignored to one that possesses incredible magic.

In Conclusion

Onward is a movie for all ages, with its heartwarming storyline, relatable characters, brilliant voice cast, and use of magic to create a meaningful experience. It has a unique physical form of magic that breaks from the conventional style and is set in a modern suburban town.

The film successfully portrays the emotions and struggles that come with loss and familial love and showcases Pixar’s endless ability to deliver cinematic masterpieces. Onward will always be an unforgettable film that takes one on a magical and emotional journey.

Onward: A Message that Family, Adventure, and Belief Make a Winning Combination

One of the most memorable and emotional moments in Onward is when Ian and Barley reach the top of a sunset cliff. This scene is a fitting end to the brothers’ quest, where they stand triumphant over an arduous journey filled with danger, emotion, and family bonding.

It’s an uplifting sight that invokes the themes of taking chances, trying, and believing in oneself. The journey is more important than the end goal, and this is the message that the movie delivers.

Linear Ascent to the Edge of a Sunset Cliff

Ian and Barley, climbing along a linear path, are gradually nearing their destination – a sunset cliff. This scene emphasizes the message that the brothers’ journey has led them to this climactic moment.

The brothers have grown during their journey and overcame obstacles that would have remained insurmountable if it hadn’t been for their determination.

Ian and Barley are trying to bring their father back to life for a day.

The brothers had to go through various challenges to achieve this goal. In retrospect, they may have only wanted to experience their father’s love for a day, but the journey is what they needed all along.

It made them explore their relationship as brothers and strengthened their bond.

The symbolic sunset cliff represents the culmination of this journey.

It’s a vista that almost hangs like a stage curtain, signaling an end and a beginning, all at the same time. This scene emphasizes that the brothers were more concerned about the journey than the end goal.

They’ve learned that endings represent new beginnings.

Emotional Impact and Audience Reaction

Onward delivers a compact emotional punch that’s hard to forget. It’s a movie that makes one reflect on personal bonds and the impact of loss on family functioning.

The movie has moments of sadness, pain, and joy, and it’s this combination that makes the movie stand out.

One of the moments that most people seem to shed a tear is when Barley confesses to Ian that he wishes he could have done more for his dad.

It reflects the guilt one may feel when they are unable to save someone they love. However, this moment doesn’t end in sorrow, as Ian then reminds Barley that he (Barley) did more than enough because he helped raise Ian, his little brother.

It’s a touching moment that reflects that the people we love always play a critical role in our lives, no matter their circumstances.

Another moment that has an emotional impact is when Ian realizes that Barley is his father-like figure.

It’s a poignant reflection of just how much influence family members can have on each other. Despite the lack of their father’s physical presence, Barley is filling that gap through familial bonding.

Onward also has its victorious moments, with people in the audience cheering towards the end when Ian and Barley emerge triumphant from their quest. These moments of victory showcase that with determination comes success.


Onward delivers a message of how the journey is more important than the end goal. It shows that familial bonds are crucial, and that people can learn and grow from each other.

The movie has an emotional impact that sparks the audience’s emotions, which is why it’s an unforgettable experience.

Onward is a cinematic masterpiece that stands out with the unique ways it blends magic with family relationships and loss.

The positive audience reaction towards the movie is a reflection of the film’s ability to touch hearts and spark emotions. In conclusion, Onward! to an amazing magical experience filled with adventure and emotion.

In conclusion, Onward is a magical and heartfelt movie that emphasizes the importance of family, adventure, and taking chances. The emotional impact of the movie resonates with viewers, making it an unforgettable experience.

For those who have not seen the movie yet, you might have questions about the cast, plot, themes, and soundtrack. Check out the following FAQs to learn more about Onward.


1. Who are the

Director and Writers of Onward?

Dan Scanlon directs Onward, while Keith Bunin and Jason Headley write the film.


Who are the Main Characters in Onward? Ian and Barley Lightfoot are the main characters of Onward.

3. What is the Storyline of Onward?

Onward follows the journey of two brothers trying to bring back their deceased father for a day through a magical quest.


What is the Significance of the Sunset Cliff Scene in Onward? The Sunset Cliff Scene in Onward symbolizes the accomplishment of the brothers’ journey together.

5. What is the Message of Onward?

The primary message of Onward is that the journey is more important than the end goal.

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