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Dive into Adventure with Pixar’s Luca: A Review

Luca: A Fun-Filled Adventure Under the Sea

Pixar’s Luca is a charming movie that takes viewers on an exciting adventure under the sea. Directed by Enrico Casarosa, the film was released on June 18th,2021.

It has a runtime of 101 minutes and was written by Jesse Andrews and Mike Jones. The film brings to life a group of quirky characters led by the titular character- Luca Paguro.

Luca, voiced by Jacob Tremblay, is joined by his friend Alberto Scorfano, played by Jack Dylan Grazer. Together, the two embark on an adventure to the Italian Riviera and discover a world far from their own.

Apart from the two leading characters, Luca also introduces viewers to some other wonderful characters. Theres Giulia, voiced by Emma Berman; her father, voiced by Marco Barricelli; and Ercole Visconti, voiced by Saverio Raimondo, who serves as the primary antagonist.

Luca is an excellent example of a movie that entertains both children and adults alike. Its comical scenes and witty one-liners make it an enjoyable watch.

Here are some of the movie’s best-known quotes. Silencio Bruno!

Buongiorno, boys! What did you say?


Portorossos finish line is where our life starts. Luca is not only about the movie; it also has a dedicated Luca Stickers app that allows fans to connect with one another by sharing fun stickers inspired by the film.

The Luca Stickers app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. But what is Luca all about?

Luca Plot Summary (Spoilers)

Luca and Alberto are two young sea monsters who venture onto the land and transform into human beings. They meet Giulia, and she becomes their ticket to experiencing the world beyond the Italian Riviera.

Together, the three children form an inseparable bond as they race through the streets of the city, devour gelato, and escape from Ercole Visconti, who plans on beating Luca and Giulia in a triathlon. The film does an excellent job of showcasing the importance of friendship and the dangers of fear and prejudice.

Luca and Alberto learn about acceptance and how, despite living in vastly different worlds, they can come together to explore and enjoy the beauty of life on land. In conclusion, Luca is a marvelous movie that will get you smiling and loving every moment.

Its charming animation and humorous moments will keep you engaged throughout its runtime. If you haven’t yet seen Luca, what are you waiting for?

Watch it today and experience the adventure under the sea!

In conclusion, Luca is a delightful movie that takes viewers on a fun-filled adventure under the sea. Its comical scenes and well-crafted storyline make it an enjoyable watch for both children and adults alike.

The Luca Stickers app allows fans to connect and share fun stickers inspired by the film. Overall, Luca is an excellent example of a movie that entertains while also delivering essential life lessons about acceptance and the importance of friendship.


Q. When was Luca released?

A. The movie Luca was released on June 18, 2021.

Q. Who directed Luca?

A. Enrico Casarosa directed Luca.

Q. Which actors play the leading characters in Luca?

A. Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer voiced the two leading characters, Luca and Alberto, respectively.

Q. What is the runtime of Luca?

A. The runtime of Luca is 101 minutes.

Q. Is the Luca Sticker app available for Android and iOS?

A. Yes, the Luca Stickers app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

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