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Discovering Another Stakeout: A Nostalgic Hilarious Buddy-Cop Classic

Another Stakeout: A Classic Buddy-Cop Film

Are you tired of watching serious, intense movies with a dark storyline? If you want to laugh and watch a light-hearted film, Another Stakeout is the perfect movie recommendation for you.

Directed by John Badham, this buddy-cop film will surely entertain you with its witty humor, suspenseful moments, and a little bit of romance. In this article, we will provide you with a synopsis of Another Stakeout, so you can decide whether it’s worth watching or not.


Another Stakeout is a sequel to a 1987 crime-comedy hit, Stakeout. The film follows the story of two couples of detectives, Chris Lecce (Richard Dreyfuss) and Bill Reimers (Emilio Estevez), along with Gina Garrett (Rosie O’Donnell) and Mike Peters (Dennis Farina).

The four of them are unknowingly assigned to stakeout a suspected mob member, Tony (Cathy Moriarty), who’s hiding in a suburban house near Seattle. They’re tasked with surveilling Tony and gathering evidence against her to be able to send her to jail.

The humour and fun in Another Stakeout arises when the two detectives and agents are stationed inside and around the house to keep an eye on Tony and any other suspicious guests. The hilarity starts when Lecce and Reimers clash and bicker about quite literally everything – from Reimers’ love life to Lecce’s snoring.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Peters, who are impersonating a married couple, also have their moments of humor. However, things take a turn when Lecce and Reimers become close to the next-door neighbor, Maria (Madeleine Stowe).

They are suspected of being murderers by a young boy, and the team must clear their name while trying to solve the case and gather evidence. The plot then thickens as the unlikely group gets more involved in the case than they initially thought.

Cinematography and


The film uses a lot of panning shots, closeups, and occasional use of slow-motion shots in its cinematography to showcase the beauty of Seattle. The use of the harrowing, suspenseful music throughout the film is excellently used to build tension.

The soundtrack is unique to the movie, with a mixture of jazz and funk. It adds character to the film and complements the fun, light-hearted tone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Another Stakeout is a very entertaining and well-crafted film. The chemistry between the two detectives, and the partners, keeps the humor and laughs flowing from start to finish.

The plot is simple but engaging, and the characters bring an extra layer of fun and relatability. The movie might not have won any Oscars, but it’s definitely worth watching with a bowl of popcorn and some good company.

Another Stakeout: A Classic Buddy-Cop Film

If you’re a fan of crime-comedy films and haven’t seen Another Stakeout directed by John Badham, you’re missing out on a classic. This movie combines the best of both genres to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.

It’s filled with witty dialogue, a suspenseful plot, and great chemistry between the lead characters. In this expansion, we’ll go into more detail about the plot, the humor, and the unforgettable moments that make Another Stakeout a must-watch.


Another Stakeout takes place three years after the events of the first Stakeout movie. While the characters from the first film are not featured in this one, the main premise of the two movies is similar.

In the sequel, two detectives, Chris Lecce, and Bill Reimers are assigned to stakeout a suburban house outside of Seattle. Their objective is to gather evidence against a suspected mob member, Tony, who is hiding out in the house.

They are joined by two agents, Gina Garrett and Mike Peters, who are posing as a married couple in the neighborhood. As they begin their stakeout, they soon realize that Tony is not alone.

They set up surveillance equipment throughout the house and the surrounding area, hoping to catch her speaking with other mob members. However, as they listen in on her conversations, they begin to suspect that she may be planning something big.

Their suspicions are only confirmed when they overhear her talking about a multimillion-dollar deal that she has in the works. As the stakes get higher, Chris and Bill decide to stakeout their neighbor’s house, Maria (Madeleine Stowe), who has shown an interest in Chris.

They hope that this will give them a better view of Tony’s house and the activities that go on inside. However, their presence is soon noticed by Maria’s son, who becomes convinced that they are killers.

To make matters worse, Tony’s henchmen catch on to the group’s involvement and begin to threaten them. The team must figure out a way to clear their names and bring Tony to justice before it’s too late.


Another Stakeout is undoubtedly a comedy, but it’s not your typical slapstick humor. The comedy in this film comes from the interactions between the lead characters, particularly Chris and Bill.

They bicker and argue throughout the movie, with each trying to best the other. Their constant back and forth adds a level of levity to an otherwise suspenseful plot.

Gina and Mike also have their share of comedic moments, posing as a couple and dealing with the difficulties of their fake marriage.

Unforgettable Moments

One of the most memorable scenes in the film involves Chris and Maria, who go on a boat ride in the middle of the night. Chris finds out that she is a hairdresser and begins to question her about his hairline.

The conversation is hilarious, with Maria giving Chris brutally honest answers to his questions. Meanwhile, Bill and Gina are forced to improvise and pretend to be window washers to avoid being caught by Tony’s men.

Another unforgettable moment is when Chris and Bill decide to stake out their neighbor’s house from the inside. Chris, who is trying to impress Maria, gets drunk and starts to act erratically.

Bill takes it upon himself to teach him a lesson by handcuffing him to a toilet. The scene is hilarious and adds a level of absurdity to the plot.


Overall, Another Stakeout is a great film that should be watched by anyone who loves buddy-cop movies or crime comedies. The plot is engaging, the humor is well-written, and the chemistry between the lead characters is fantastic.

If you haven’t seen this classic, make sure to add it to your list of movies to watch. Another Stakeout: A Classic Buddy-Cop Film

Apart from the plot, comedy, and unforgettable moments, Another Stakeout also had an impressive production behind the scenes.

Director John Badham expertly wove together the different elements of the film, including cinematography, music, and costumes, to create a cohesive whole. In this expansion, we’ll delve into the production aspects of Another Stakeout that contributed to its success as a classic buddy-cop film.


The cinematography of Another Stakeout plays a significant role in setting the tone and creating suspense throughout the film. The movie was shot primarily in Seattle, which provides a breathtaking backdrop for the stakeout sequences.

Cinematographer Roy H. Wagner, who is also known for his work on movies such as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and The Last Samurai, used a combination of wide shots and close-ups to create dynamic scenes.

One of the most impressive scenes in the movie is the boat ride between Chris and Maria. The scene was shot at night using natural light, and the camera follows the boat as it moves through the water.

The use of light and shadow in this scene is stunning and creates a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Another memorable scene is when the group is trying to evade Tony’s men by posing as window washers.

The scene is shot in a way that shows the danger the group is in, with Tony’s men hunting for them in the building. The use of long takes and camera movement in this scene adds to the sense of urgency and danger the characters are facing.


Another important aspect of the production of Another Stakeout is the soundtrack. The movie’s score was composed by Arthur B.

Rubinstein, who also worked on popular films such as WarGames and Blue Thunder. The soundtrack features a mix of different genres, including jazz and funk.

The use of these genres gives the movie a distinct and unique sound that perfectly complements the humor and lighthearted tone of the film. In addition to the original score, the film features a number of licensed songs, including the hit song “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone-Loc.

The use of these songs helps to create a fun and nostalgic atmosphere that adds to the movie’s overall appeal.


The costumes in Another Stakeout are another important production aspect of the movie. Costume designer Dodie Shepard expertly dressed the characters to fit their roles and personalities.

The costumes are not necessarily flashy or extravagant, but they are perfectly suited to the movie’s tone and setting. The detective’s costumes, for example, consist of simple suits and ties, while Gina and Mike’s costumes are more casual and comfortable.

Maria’s costumes are also notable, with her dressed in a range of outfits that are simple but stylish. Ultimately, the costumes in Another Stakeout help to create a sense of realism and believability that is necessary for a crime-comedy film.


In conclusion, Another Stakeout is not just a great movie because of its plot and humor but also because of its impressive production elements. The combination of cinematography, music, and costumes is expertly executed to bring the movie to life.

The movie’s unique and recognizable soundtrack, stunning cinematography, and perfectly suited costumes elevate and complement the film’s narrative perfectly. Together, these production elements helped to make Another Stakeout a classic and entertaining buddy-cop film.

Another Stakeout: A Classic Buddy-Cop Film

Besides the successful production elements, Another Stakeout’s release strategy played a critical role in its success. The movie was released in 1993, the same year as many other notable films, such as Jurassic Park and Sleepless in Seattle.

Competing with such films was a challenge, but Another Stakeout managed to hold its own in the box office. In this expansion, we’ll take a closer look at the movie’s release and the factors that contributed to its success.


Another Stakeout was distributed by Walt Disney Studios and Buena Vista Pictures. At the time of its release, Buena Vista Pictures was experiencing a lot of success, having released some of the biggest hits of the past few years.

Another Stakeout was marketed as a comedy crime drama, and the studio had high hopes for its success. The movie was released in theaters on July 23, 1993, in the United States.

The main competition at the box office that weekend was the horror film, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. However, Another Stakeout managed to hold its own and debuted at number two at the box office.

Box Office Success

Another Stakeout was a commercial success, grossing $20.3 million in the United States and Canada alone. It was considered a moderate box office success relative to its $30 million production budget.

Although it didn’t break any records, it was still a significant achievement considering the competition it faced at the time of its release.

Critical Reception

Another Stakeout received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised the movie’s chemistry between the lead characters, others criticized it for being too predictable.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a rating of 17% based on 24 reviews. However, the lack of critical acclaim did not have a significant impact on its success.

Home Video Release

After its theatrical release, Another Stakeout was released on VHS and LaserDisc on December 15, 1993. The movie was well received on home video, and it became a popular rental choice in video stores.

Eventually, the movie was released on DVD in 2002, followed by a Blu-ray release in 2014.


Although Another Stakeout did not receive critical acclaim, it solidified its place as a classic buddy-cop film. Over the years, it has become a favorite of fans who enjoy the film’s humor and chemistry between the characters.

It has also been recognized as a cult classic and a great example of the buddy-cop genre of films.


In summary, Another Stakeout’s distribution and release strategy played a critical role in its success. Despite facing tough competition at the box office, the movie managed to hold its own and was a commercial success.

Its home video release helped to cement its place as a classic. Today, the movie is still popular with audiences who appreciate its humor and chemistry between the characters.

Another Stakeout may not have been a critical success, but it captured the hearts of fans all over the world and remains a beloved classic. Another Stakeout: A Classic Buddy-Cop Film with a Memorable


Apart from the witty humor and engaging plot, Another Stakeout also boasts of a memorable soundtrack.

The music in the film was composed by Arthur B. Rubinstein and features a mixture of jazz and funk.

Rubinstein’s work in the film enhances the overall enjoyment of the movie and is an essential part of its success. In this expansion, we’ll take a closer look at the iconic soundtrack of Another Stakeout.


Arthur B. Rubinstein is a versatile composer whose work has been heard in numerous hit films, television shows, and commercials.

He has been nominated for multiple awards, including a Primetime Emmy and a BAFTA. Rubinstein’s background in jazz music made him the perfect choice for the score of Another Stakeout, and he did not disappoint.


The soundtrack of Another Stakeout is unique and recognizable. The film’s opening sequence features an upbeat and funky saxophone-heavy score that sets the tone for the film.

Rubinstein’s original score is enhanced by the use of licensed music, which adds to the movie’s overall appeal. Funky Cold Medina, by Tone-Loc, is perhaps the most memorable song from the film.

It was a popular song at the time of the movie’s release, and its inclusion helped to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Another notable song on the soundtrack is Magic Carpet Ride, by Steppenwolf.

The use of this song in the movie’s climactic car chase scene adds to the excitement and captures the essence of the film’s action sequences. Rubinstein’s work on Another Stakeout shows his ability to incorporate different genres of music within one production.

His use of jazz, funk, and rock music blends well together and helps to create an iconic soundtrack that still resonates with audiences today.

Cultural Impact

The soundtrack of Another Stakeout was not only a critical success, but it also had a notable cultural impact. The inclusion of popular songs, such as Funky Cold Medina, made the film relevant and enjoyable for audiences beyond its fans.

The movie soundtrack was so popular that it inspired a soundtrack album that features songs from the film, as well as other hit songs at the time. The success and popularity of the soundtrack helped increase the recognition and appreciation of the film.

Today, the soundtrack is often cited as one of the most memorable parts of the movie.


In conclusion, Another Stakeout’s soundtrack is just as memorable and iconic as the movie itself. Arthur B.

Rubinstein’s unique blend of jazz, funk, and rock music creates a nostalgic and enjoyable listening experience. The use of popular songs, such as Funky Cold Medina, adds to the cultural impact of the film.

Rubinstein’s score helped to enhance the movie’s humor, action, and suspense. The soundtrack remains a memorable and beloved part of Another Stakeout and is still appreciated by fans of the movie today.

In conclusion, Another Stakeout is a classic buddy-cop film that has stood the test of time due to its engaging plot, witty humor, impressive production elements, and iconic soundtrack. The film was a commercial success and has become a cult classic.

With its unique blend of action, suspense, and humor, it is a movie that is loved by fans all over the world. It is a great example of the buddy-cop genre and showcases the importance of chemistry between lead characters that can make or break a film.


Q: Who directed Another Stakeout? A: Another Stakeout was directed by John Badham.

Q: What is the plot of Another Stakeout? A: Another Stakeout follows two detectives, Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers, and two agents, Gina Garrett and Mike Peters, as they are assigned to stakeout a suburban house outside of Seattle, where they suspect a mob member, Tony, is hiding out.

Q: When was Another Stakeout released? A: Another Stakeout was released in 1993.

Q: Who composed the soundtrack for Another Stakeout? A: The soundtrack for Another Stakeout was composed by Arthur B.


Q: Was Another Stakeout a commercial success?

A: Yes, Another Stakeout was a moderate commercial success, grossing $20.3 million in the US and Canada.

Q: Is Another Stakeout still popular today?

A: Yes, Another Stakeout remains popular today and is hailed as a classic buddy-cop film.

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