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Discover the Power of Nature in the Stunning Documentary Elemental

Elemental: The Power of Nature

Nature is an incredibly powerful and unpredictable force that can exert a huge impact on our lives. From the severe weather events that cause destruction and disruption to the natural disasters that can wipe out entire communities, we are constantly reminded of the power of these natural elements.

It is this power that is explored and brought to life in the thought-provoking documentary, Elemental. Directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Elemental is a fascinating journey through the world of natural elements, from the fierce flames of wildfires to the devastating floods that result from rising sea levels.

The film explores how these elements shape our lives and the environment around us, highlighting the need to respect and care for our planet.


The documentary is divided into three parts, each dedicated to exploring the destructive power of one of the three elements: fire, water, and air. Through the experiences of three remarkable individuals, we see firsthand the different ways in which each element impacts our world.

The first part follows Helene, a firefighter in Canada who is passionate about her work and understands the true danger of wildfires. As she tells her story, we see the challenges and risks involved in battling these raging infernos, from the extreme conditions to the emotional toll it can take.

The second part focuses on a villager in India, who is fighting to save her community from the devastating floods that are destroying their homes. Through her eyes, we witness the catastrophic impact of climate change and the need for urgent action to combat it.

In the final part, we meet Jay, a renewable energy entrepreneur in America, who is working to harness the power of the wind to generate clean energy and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. As he shares his passionate and visionary approach to shaping the environment, we are left inspired and energized to do our part in creating a more sustainable future.


One of the key themes that runs throughout the documentary is the power of nature and the need for us to respect and care for the environment around us. From the devastating floods in India to the wildfire in Canada, the film highlights the fragility of our world and the urgent need for action to protect it.

Another fundamental theme is the individual responsibility we all have to make a difference. As we see through the stories of Helene, the villager in India, and Jay, we can all contribute to positive change, whether by fighting fires, campaigning against climate change, or developing renewable energy solutions.


Elemental is a powerful, thought-provoking, and engaging documentary that explores the power of nature and its impact on our world. Through the experiences of three remarkable individuals, we gain a deeper understanding of the need for respect, care, and action to protect our planet and create a more sustainable future.

If you are looking for a powerful, inspiring, and thought-provoking documentary, this is one not to be missed!

Elemental is a powerful and moving documentary that explores the power of nature and its impact on our world. The film is divided into three individual stories revolving around different natural elements water, fire, and air.

The three narrators share their personal experiences of fighting against the destructive power of nature, and their contributions towards reversing the damages brought upon by climate change. In the first part of the documentary, we are introduced to Helene, a Firefighter who works to prevent wildfires from spreading.

Through her work, we see the dangerous and unpredictable nature of fire and the devastating impact it can have on the environment. As she emphasizes the importance of preventing fires, the documentary demonstrates the significant role firefighters play in controlling such calamities.

The audience is shown how wildfires are not just a mere disaster, but also an ecological disaster that threatens the natural ecosystem. Helenes personal story also brings into light the emotional toll their work can take on firefighters, exposing the need for mental health support.

In the second segment of the documentary, we are introduced to Eriel Deranger, an Indigenous woman who lives in Canada and is fighting against the destructive power of water. Eriels story showcases the impact of climate change in melting the glaciers and increasing the sea levels, which in turn lead to a rise in the frequency of floods.

The documentary portrays how floods can utterly wipe out an entire community and the need to take immediate actions to prevent them. Eriel emphasizes the importance of caring for the environment and highlights the impact of land abuse and environmental racism as a small part contributing to the catastrophic climate change consequences.

Her experience of fighting for indigenous rights and environmental protection enlightens the viewers of the colonialist legacy and its role in the environmental degradation. Finally, the last segment introduces Jay Harman, an inventor, and entrepreneur who is contributing his part towards reversing the impacts brought upon by air pollution.

Jays story offers a fascinating insight into the potential of wind energy and how it can provide a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. Jay explains how his innovative biomimicry design utilizes a wind turbine that mimics the unique movement of a whale’s tail and brings wind energy in the focus for a greener future.

He emphasizes the importance of supporting renewable energy alternatives and how we can contribute to making the future sustainable and big-picture oriented. Throughout the documentary, the audience is presented with a holistic approach to environmental issues, where the personal struggles and contributions of people are shown meshing with the broader environment.

The film delivers its message effectively, without being preachy, urging the audience to appreciate the ecosystems around them and fight for their protection. Through the vivid testimonials of Helene, Eriel, and Jay, the documentary highlights the power of unity and sparks hope that these earthly challenges can be overcome together.

Elemental manages to deliver a powerful message on various aspects of environmental concerns, the fragility of ecosystems, and the need for immediate action to preserve this planet. From wildfires to floods and sustainable energy, the documentary portrays the importance of the global collective effort and sheds light on the individual efforts of the people fighting against the negative consequences of climate change.

Overall, Elemental is an eye-opener and an excellent call-to-action documentary that urges reflection on our collective responsibility towards caring for the environment. Elemental is a breathtaking and insightful documentary that explores the power of natural elements like fire, water, and air.

The movie has a beautiful production value, capturing the agony, endurance, and hard work of people braving the wrath of nature. Each scene is complemented by stunning camera work, which adds to the gravity and emotionality of the storytelling.

The documentary is helmed and directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, who is a filmmaker with a history of addressing environmental concerns through his work. The specialized theme of nature is tricky to document, but Vaughan-Lee’s skilled direction and vision have captured the essence of this documentary.

The production team’s choice of including individual perspectives from three different narrators helps personalize the climate change conversation, making it more relatable to a general audience. The fire segment follows Helene, who details her work as a firefighter and the perils she endures to control fire.

Through her narrative, we see the emotional aspects of fighting wildfires and the destruction it causes. The documentary highlights the importance of firefighting, including wildfire protection, which allows more insight into the risks and challenges firefighters face.

The water segment follows Eriel Deranger, a community leader of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Canada struggling against the effects of melting glaciers and rising sea levels. Her story showcases the impact of climate change on indigenous communities, which adds value to the wider conversations on environmental justice.

The section shows the realities of an environmental catastrophe that communities like Eriel’s face and highlights the urgent need for significant action towards climate redemption culture.

The final segment follows inventor and entrepreneur Jay Harman, who is finding innovative ways to counter air pollution using biomimicry.

Jay’s section details his passion for creating sustainable energy resources, emphasizing the urgent need for renewable energy alternatives. With his insightful experience, the documentary provides more possibilities concerning clean energy as a way to reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate climate change consequences.

The choice of charming music for each segment adds to the emotional appeal of the film. The central theme music assists in holding together the idea of interconnectedness between each section.

It gives the film a unique rhythm, allowing the audience to connect with the emotions and experiences of the narrators. Elemental’s production crew have a keen eye for capturing the atmospheric regions the narrators’ experiences, with cinematic shots of ice glaciers, raging wildfires, and gusting winds around the turbines, giving the film a strong environmental element.

The documentary provides an informative account without the tone of preaching, helping the audience engage with the emotive stories. Another crucial aspect of the documentary’s production is its visual graphics, which emphasize the crucial climate change facts and bring attention to environmental solutions.

The graphics are stunning and easy to follow, making the documentary’s content easier to digest. In conclusion, Elemental’s production values are a significant contributor to the film’s emotional appeal and essential narratives.

The film’s well-structured visual storytelling injects a new lease of life to the vital climate change conversations, making it accessible to a broader audience. In combination with the emotive music, graphics, and context on environmental concerns, the documentary stands apart as a captivating educational film.

Elemental is an inspiring and thought-provoking documentary on climate change that premiered in 2012. The film initially gained critical acclaim worldwide after its screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival in the same year, where it won the Golden Gate Award for Best Bay Area Documentary Feature.

Since then, the documentary has seen global release, and its popularity keeps growing. Following its success, the documentary was released in North America and Europe in 2013, where it received further critical acclaim and won multiple awards.

The film catered to ecologically conscious audiences and left an indelible impact on viewers, making screenings and discussions popular events. The film’s release created a global community of people passionate about environmentalism, opening up dialogue and actions to tackle this issue.

Elemental’s global release provided insight into climate change solutions, ways of raising awareness on environmental issues, and the role of media in addressing global challenges. The film has been used as a way to inspire action and raise awareness in schools and colleges worldwide, with teachers using the film as a learning tool for their students.

The documentary continues to be screened in climate talks, green conventions, and eco-film festivals worldwide, becoming an essential voice in the global environmental conversation. Elemental’s release was strategically planned to bring together global audiences around a shared interest – saving the planet from the destructive effects of climate change.

The documentary aims to unite people with shared concerns around the world, enabling them to work towards a common goal of creating a sustainable and healthier environment. The global release of the documentary provides insights into the growing demand for environmentally conscious content and the need for collaboration across industries to address these issues.

In addition, the release of Elemental created opportunities for discussions and dialogues around climate change and its impact on the environment. Green organizations utilized these dialogues to initiate better actions, such as pursuing avenues of climate change action, renewable energy use, and community mobilization.

Leaders and experts on environmental concerns regularly screen the film to sustain focus and encourage collective efforts towards achieving the UNs 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Elementals powerful release has made its influence felt worldwide, inspiring people to change their ways, advocating for environmentally friendly policies, and mobilizing entire communities to take action.

The documentary helps to bring to light the urgency of the environmental crisis and its potential solutions. The filmmakers’ choice to release the documentary globally has created a ripple effect, contributing to environmental-based initiatives, advocacy, and activism around the world.

In conclusion, Elemental’s global release has been a significant milestone in the fight against climate change, fostering conversation, advocacy, innovative solutions, and action around the world. It remains a crucial component of climate change dialogues worldwide, a document of our times, and a valuable source to transform current environmental policies into a healthy and sustainable future for the planet.

The soundtrack of a movie plays a vital role in creating an immersive experience for viewers, and in the case of Elemental, the music only enhances the impact the documentary has on audiences. The soundtrack for the documentary was composed by Kirk McNally, a renowned sound designer, and composer known for his work with National Geographic, PBS, and Sony Pictures.

The score draws inspiration from nature, inspiring an emotional connection between the story and the audience. The music of Elemental captures the essence of the environment beautifully, using an eclectic mix of instruments and rhythms, weaving them together to create a mesmerizing soundtrack that enhances the visual narrative.

The combination of rich, orchestral instrumentation, occasional electronic sounds, and the use of indigenous instruments that add a unique depth to the score hark back to the documentarys environmental message.

The soundtrack enhances the film’s emotive impact and characterizes the battle of the elements through music.

The compositions reflect the natural elements like fire, air, and water and create a sense of the narrative’s mood and tone. The score intensifies the gravitas of the stories and amplifies the emotional impact of the narrators’ personal experiences.

The music underscores the different meanings each element brings and provides an extra layer of understanding for the audience. One of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces in the film is ‘Smoke.” The raw energy and haunting instruments used in the composition evoke the smoke’s imagery, setting the stage for Helene’s harrowing story on the effects of wildfires.

The dramatic music builds up to a crescendo, effectively capturing the intensity of the situation and showing the trials faced by the firefighters. In contrast, “Melt” features soft piano sounds and ambient soundscape, reminiscent of water and ice, providing the perfect backdrop to Eriel Deranger’s tale of the melting ice glaciers in Canada and the devastating effects on the environment and indigenous communities.

The composition “Wind” is a spirited exploration through the power of the environment. The music mimics the churning of the wind turbines, creating an upbeat and positive tone.

The composition reflects the narrative and Jay Harman’s hope for the clean energy of wind power to address climate change. The narrative of the score follows the urgency of the environmental crisis and the solutions proposed to combat it.

McNally’s music for Elemental is not only well-suited to the documentary’s themes and visual elements but also tells a story in and of itself. His compositions evoke a sense of emotion while capturing the significance of each element and landscape.

The soundtrack serves to complement the film’s dialogue, enhancing the audience’s overall experience. In conclusion, the score of Elemental is a testament to McNally’s skills as a composer, but it’s his appreciation for the natural world that truly make the music great.

It’s no surprise that the documentary’s soundtrack is praised as one of its most standout aspects because it adds another layer of storytelling to the narrative, creating a deep connection between the audience and the environment. McNally’s score makes nature sound both haunting and beautiful, encapsulating the astonishing impact that climate change has on the landscape.

The music of Elemental truly deserves its recognition. In conclusion, Elemental is a must-watch documentary for anyone looking for an insightful and engaging exploration of climate change.

The film combines stunning visuals, powerful storytelling, and an emotive score to deliver a profound message on the urgent need for action to protect our environment. The global release of the movie and its impact on audiences worldwide continues to inspire more initiatives towards creating a sustainable future.

With that said, here are some FAQs regarding Elemental:

1. What is Elemental about?

Elemental is a documentary that explores the power of natural elements like fire, water, and air and their impact on our world. 2.

What is the message of Elemental? The core message of Elemental is the urgent need for attention to climate change, with tangible solutions being available for the public and policymakers to start upon.

3. Who directed Elemental?

The director of Elemental is Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee. 4.

Is Elemental family-friendly? Elemental is a family-friendly documentary that highlights environmental issues and solutions that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

5. Is the soundtrack of Elemental available for streaming?

Yes, the soundtrack is available for streaming on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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