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Discover the Magic of Kiki’s Delivery Service: A Timeless Classic

Kiki’s Delivery Service is an animated movie that tells the story of a young witch named Kiki. This critically acclaimed film was produced by the renowned Studio Ghibli, and it has become a classic in the world of animation.

In this article, we will provide a synopsis of the film and give an overview of the plot and characters. We will also discuss the themes of the movie and what makes it an essential watch for both adults and children.

The Plot

Kiki’s Delivery Service follows the journey of a young witch, Kiki, who leaves her home for a year of independent living, as dictated by witch tradition. With her talking cat Jiji by her side, she arrives in a seaside town and begins her new life as a delivery girl using her broomstick to make the deliveries.

Kiki encounters many challenges in her new town, including finding a place to live and establishing a business. Along the way, she makes new friends, including a young boy named Tombo, who is fascinated by aviation.

Despite these challenges, Kiki embraces her new life and works hard to become a respected member of the community. Together with her friends, she learns the importance of perseverance, friendship, and fulfilling one’s potential.

The Characters

Kiki is the main character of the film. She is a young witch who is eager to embrace her independence and pursue her passion for flying.

Kiki is determined, kind-hearted, and resourceful. Her journey allows her to gain new insights into herself and the world around her.

Jiji is Kiki’s loyal cat and comical sidekick, who provides comic relief throughout the movie. He is sassy, opinionated, and often skeptical of Kiki’s decisions.

Tombo is a young boy who befriends Kiki. He is fascinated by flight and is eager to build his own airplane.

Tombo is a kind, quirky character who provides Kiki with much-needed companionship and support.

The Themes

Kiki’s Delivery Service explores themes such as independence, friendship, self-discovery, and perseverance. The film encourages viewers to embrace their individuality, pursue their passions, and never give up on their dreams.

The movie emphasizes the importance of community, showing how a supportive network of friends and loved ones can help one overcome any obstacle. The themes of hard work, dedication, and determination are also present throughout the film, encouraging viewers to work hard and strive for their goals.


In conclusion, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a heartwarming and charming movie that is a must-watch for both children and adults. The film’s themes of independence, self-discovery, and community make it a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences today.

Whether you are looking for an uplifting family movie or simply a beautiful story told through stunning animation, Kiki’s Delivery Service is the perfect pick. Kiki’s Delivery Service is a coming-of-age movie that tells the story of a young witch’s journey towards adulthood.

The film, produced by Studio Ghibli, revolves around the character of Kiki, a 13-year-old witch who has just begun her journey towards independence. The movie opens with Kiki saying goodbye to her parents and leaving her hometown to fulfill a witch’s tradition of establishing oneself in a new town.

As Kiki navigates her way through an unfamiliar environment, she faces several challenges that test her determination, resolve, and resourcefulness. One of the challenges that Kiki faces in the movie is finding an appropriate place to live.

She eventually finds an empty bakery that she can call her home. The bakery’s owner, a kind and understanding woman, lets her stay in exchange for using her broomstick to make deliveries.

Kiki starts her task as a delivery girl with her talking cat, Jiji, as her companion. This simple task eventually becomes a means for Kiki to establish her identity and gain the respect and recognition of the townsfolk.

The positive feedback she receives from her customers helps her build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy witch. As Kiki settles into her new life, she encounters new friends, including Tombo, a boy who is fascinated by aviation and often hangs out at the nearby airfield.

Despite their initial misgivings, Kiki and Tombo quickly become friends, bonding over their mutual love for flight and adventure. In her new town, Kiki faces various challenges that serve as real-world examinations of her witch powers.

One day, one of her brooms breaks down mid-air, causing her to lose her ability to fly. This event leads to a crisis of identity for Kiki as her life goals are largely tied to her witch crafting abilities.

To overcome her self-doubt, she must learn to rely less on her powers and draw strength from her determination and resourcefulness. Another crucial element of the plot is the subplot that involves Jiji, Kiki’s talking cat.

The cat adds a unique comical perspective to the movie, giving viewers a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a skeptical feline. Jiji’s character serves as a reflection of Kiki’s own doubts and fears, and the two characters work together to overcome their respective obstacles.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a movie that encourages viewers to embrace their individuality, follow their dreams, and confront their fears head-on. The film teaches us that even the most gifted and talented individuals face obstacles and challenges, and the only way to overcome them is to embrace our inner strength and build relationships with like-minded individuals.


Overall, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a heartwarming movie that appeals to audiences of all ages. The film’s impressive animation, charming characters, and a well-crafted narrative make it a timeless classic.

The plot deftly weaves various themes such as independence, self-discovery, and community to create a compelling story that teaches valuable life lessons. Anyone who watches Kiki’s Delivery Service will be left with a sense of wonder, inspiration, and the belief that anything is possible if you work hard and stay true to yourself.

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a beloved film produced by Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio known for producing award-winning animated films. The production of the movie started in 1987, shortly after the studio’s founding, and was directed by Hayao Miyazaki, one of the studio’s co-founders.

The movie is based on a children’s book of the same title by Eiko Kadono and offers a rare glimpse into the unique animation techniques of Studio Ghibli. For instance, the film uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) as well as traditional animation techniques, which results in a balanced, high-quality output.

The hand-drawn animation of the movie is perhaps the most striking feature of Kiki’s Delivery Service. The director, Miyazaki, initially proposed that the animation should be less detailed in comparison to Studio Ghibli’s previous film, Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986).

He said that he wanted to create a more simple and straightforward story that was all about the emotions between the characters. Despite this, the animators still managed to create a rich, evocative world shot through with myriad details that brought the characters and their surroundings to life.

This animation style breathed life into the characters, making them feel like actual people with real emotions and thoughts. Another notable feature of Kiki’s Delivery Service’s production is its music that was composed by Joe Hisaishi.

Hisaishi’s score stands out for its whimsical, orchestral sound which brilliantly captures the sense of magic and wonder that carries throughout the movie. The music of Kiki’s Delivery Service is an essential part of the movie’s overall experience.

The instrumental pieces have a calming effect on the viewers, helping to bring out the emotions of the characters and elevating the film’s overall quality. Moreover, the vocal performance of the American version of Kiki’s Delivery Service also deserves praise.

The film was dubbed in English by Disney, and Kirsten Dunst voiced Kiki, while Brad Garrett voiced the sarcastic and skeptical Jiji. The voice actors’ performances complemented the animation and music and helped bring the movie to life for English-speaking audiences.

Finally, Kiki’s Delivery Service has a unique colour palette and visual style that sets it apart from other Studio Ghibli movies. The animation team used earthy tones and calming shades of the sea, like blue and green, to create a soothing, calm atmosphere.

This colour scheme helped to emphasize the seaside setting of the film, and make viewers feel as if they were on an island adventure with Kiki.


Overall, the production of Kiki’s Delivery Service was a testament to the vast talents and vision of Studio Ghibli’s animators and filmmakers. The animation style, production values, and music of the film are all superb and work in harmony to create a true masterpiece.

The attention to detail, the whimsical score, and the creative use of colour have all contributed to making Kiki’s Delivery Service an unforgettable cinematic experience. Kiki’s Delivery Service was released by Studio Ghibli in 1989, three years after the studio’s founding.

The movie’s initial release was in Japan, where it performed exceedingly well at the box office. Later, it was shown internationally, and it gained a significant following from audiences all over the world.

The film was premiered in Japan on the 29th of July, 1989, to critical acclaim and positive reviews. The movie was an instant success, grossing over 2.17 billion yen, which was a groundbreaking achievement for an animated film in Japan.

Kiki’s Delivery Service was also critically acclaimed globally, receiving many accolades and nominations. The movie was awarded the Best Animated Film award by the Spanish Academy of Cinema and the Best Children’s Film award by the Belgian Film Critics’ Association.

It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 63rd Academy Awards. The success of Kiki’s Delivery Service has been attributed to many factors.

One of the reasons, perhaps, is the universal appeal of the movie’s themes. It covers coming of age, community, perseverance, and self-discovery, making it appealing to both children and adults.

The movie’s story and its production values also played a significant role in its worldwide success. The hand-drawn animation style and Miyazaki’s unique storytelling help in creating a unique enchanting world which transported viewers to the seaside town of Koriko.

This immersive experience made the film an even more captivating cinematic experience. The release of Kiki’s Delivery Service proved to be a significant milestone in the history of Studio Ghibli and animated films in general.

It established a new standard for how animated films should be produced and received. It also cemented Studio Ghibli’s reputation as a powerhouse of the animation world.

In addition to its theatrical release, Kiki’s Delivery Service has been released on DVD and Blu-ray, and it is now easily accessible to audiences all around the world. The movie continues to be a source of inspiration and joy, and it’s timeless story and enduring appeal shows no signs of slowing down.

The movie has also influenced a wave of similar animation styles and styles of storytelling. Its popularity has inspired numerous fan art, cosplay, merchandise, and even the establishment of communities centered around the film.


Kiki’s Delivery Service has continued to enjoy immense popularity since its release over three decades ago. Its timeless quality and universal themes are a testament to its enduring appeal, making it one of the best animation movies of all time.

The film’s international success marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Studio Ghibli, and its production values and storytelling continue to set the standard for animated feature films to this day. Kiki’s Delivery Service is renowned for its highly acclaimed soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi.

Hisaishi is a world-class composer who has worked with Studio Ghibli since the early days of the studio. The music of Kiki’s Delivery Service is especially notable for its whimsical, orchestral sound which perfectly captures the of magic and wonder prevailing throughout the movie.

One of the crucial aspects of the soundtrack for Kiki’s Delivery Service is the way Hisaishi’s score complements the narrative. The musical pieces range from jaunty and upbeat to melancholic and poignant, reflecting the changing moods of the story.

Hisaishi’s score is evocative and artfully used to enhance the emotions and mood of the film. The opening score, “Mother’s Broom”, underscores the poignant moment where Kiki and her mother say goodbye.

Hisaishi also composed an instrumental theme for each character, which highlights their unique personalities. Kiki’s theme, titled “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, captures her independence and determination, while the theme for Tombo, “A Town with an Ocean View”, has a playful, adventurous feel that reflects his love of aviation.

One of the most iconic pieces in the soundtrack is “The Baker’s Assistant”, which was featured in many of the film’s trailers. This bouncy and joyful piece highlights the energy and positivity of Kiki’s character, which is evident throughout the movie.

Another standout track in the score is “Flying Delivery Service”, where Hisaishi’s score again captures the joyous feeling of flight, which is also a motif that runs throughout the movie. The music in this segment elevates the scene and enhances the sense of freedom and adventure that Kiki experiences while flying.

In addition to the instrumental tracks, the movie also features two vocal tracks. “Message By Rouge” performed by by Yumi Arai, has a soft dreamy feel, with whimsical lyrics that perfectly complement the movie’s coloring.

It is used when Kiki is feeling low or defeated, highlighting a sense of hope and support, reiterating that her friends are always there to support her. The other vocal song featured in Kiki’s Delivery Service is “Soaring” also performed by Yumi Arai.

This song is used for the ending credits and has a light and upbeat feel that imparts a positive and uplifting message of hope. The song reinforces the message the film promotes about persevering in the face of adversity and the importance of community and teamwork.


In conclusion, Kiki’s Delivery Service soundtrack is a work of art that elevates the movie to new heights. With Joe Hisaishi’s expert use of instrumentation and composition, the music brings out the emotional depth without overpowering the movie’s visuals or narratives.

The soundtrack’s gorgeous melody and lyricism match the film’s magical atmosphere, from its playful introduction to its uplifting end notes. Hisaishi’s talented crew perfectly executed a soundtrack that entices viewers to revisit Kiki’s Delivery Service, soaking up once more the breathtaking score that truly separates good films from great ones.

In conclusion, Kiki’s Delivery Service is an extraordinary movie that has stood the test of time and continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers and animation fans alike. Its universal themes of family, identity, and community make it an enjoyable and thought-provoking movie.

The hand-drawn animation, breathtaking score, and captivating narrative culminate in an unforgettable and timeless experience.


Q: What is Kiki’s Delivery Service?

A: Kiki’s Delivery Service is an animated film produced by Studio Ghibli that narrates the story of a young witch named Kiki as she embarks on a coming-of-age journey. Q: What themes are explored in Kiki’s Delivery Service?

A: Themes such as independence, self-discovery, community, perseverance, and interpersonal relationships are explored in depth in the movie. Q: Who produced Kiki’s Delivery Service?

A: Kiki’s Delivery Service was produced by the renowned Studio Ghibli, a Japanese animation studio. Q: Who composed the film’s soundtrack?

A: Joe Hisaishi composed the soundtrack for Kiki’s Delivery Service. Q: What was the film’s release date and reception?

A: Kiki’s Delivery Service was released in 1989 to critical acclaim and significant commercial success. Q: Why has Kiki’s Delivery Service endured as a classic?

A: Kiki’s Delivery Service has endured as a classic due to its unique storytelling, enchanting animation, and the themes that it explores, which resonate with people of all ages and cultures.

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