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Cooking Up a Storm: Getting to Know That’s So Raven Character Devon Carter

Disney Character: Devon Carter


Devon Carter is a kind-hearted and friendly character from the Disney Channel’s television show, “That’s So Raven.” He is confident and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Devon has a great sense of humor, and he loves to make people laugh.

He is a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend, Raven, and is always there to support her dreams no matter how ridiculous they may seem to others.


Devon Carter is known for his sharp sense of style.

He is often seen wearing brightly colored polo shirts and layered necklaces. His hair is typically styled in short twists or cornrows, and he sports a well-groomed mustache.

Devon has a warm smile that lights up his face and his eyes are always twinkling with laughter. Overall, Devon is a handsome young man who is always impeccably dressed, making him a standout character on the show.

In conclusion, Devon Carter is a lovable character from “That’s So Raven.” His positive attitude and friendly personality make him the type of person that everyone wants to be around. His sense of style is also noteworthy, and he sets a good example for young viewers who watch the show.

Overall, Devon is a character who embodies kindness, humor, and style, making him an unforgettable character in the Disney universe. Feature Films or Shows:

Devon Carter is a character that appears in the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven.” The show aired from 2003 to 2007 and had four seasons.

Devon appeared in the show as a recurring character and quickly became a fan favorite. He was known for his sweet relationship with the show’s main character, Raven Baxter, and for his sense of humor.

Devon also appeared in the show’s spinoff series, “Raven’s Home,” which premiered in 2017.


In “That’s So Raven,” Devon was a high school student just like Raven Baxter.

However, in “Raven’s Home,” he has grown up and become a chef. He owns his own food truck that serves up delicious meals to customers in Chicago, Illinois.

Devon’s passion for cooking is evident in every dish that he creates. He takes pride in using fresh ingredients and experimenting with new flavors.

As a chef, Devon has become a successful entrepreneur and a role model for those who aspire to follow their passion.

Likes and Dislikes:

Devon is an easy-going guy who enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend, Raven, and his best friend, Eddie.

He loves nothing more than laughing and making jokes with his friends. Devon is also a huge basketball fan and enjoys playing the sport whenever he can.

As for dislikes, Devon doesn’t enjoy being cooked for. Despite being a chef, he prefers to do the cooking himself.

He also doesn’t like people who are rude or disrespectful to others. Devon is a kind-hearted character who values respect and kindness, and he doesn’t tolerate people who don’t share those values.

In conclusion, Devon Carter is an iconic character from the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” and “Raven’s Home.” He is known for his kind personality, impeccable sense of style, and passion for cooking. Devon’s likes and dislikes make him a relatable and down-to-earth character who audiences of all ages can connect with.

He is a character that Disney fans love to watch and will continue to appreciate for generations to come. In conclusion, Devon Carter is a beloved character from the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” and “Raven’s Home.” His kind personality, impeccable sense of style, and passion for cooking have made him a fan favorite.

Devon’s character is a reminder that kindness, humor, and determination can take a person far in life. Disney fans will always appreciate and remember the impact that he has had on their lives.


1. What show is Devon Carter from?

Devon Carter is from the Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven” and “Raven’s Home.”

2. What is Devon’s occupation in “Raven’s Home”?

Devon is a chef and owns his own food truck. 3.

What is Devon’s relationship with Raven? Devon is Raven’s boyfriend and their relationship is a core aspect of the show.

4. What are Devon’s likes?

Devon enjoys spending time with his friends, playing basketball, and cooking. 5.

What are Devon’s dislikes? Devon doesn’t like being cooked for and doesn’t tolerate people who are rude or disrespectful.

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