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Born in China: The Stunning Wildlife Documentary You Can’t Miss

Born in China: A Journey Through the Wildlands of China

The animal kingdom has always been a subject of fascination and wonder for humans. The diverse and intricate lives of animals have been the subject of study for centuries.

However, with the advent of modern technology and film-making, it has become possible for us to witness the natural beauty and struggle of animals in their habitats in a way that was once impossible. Born in China, a DisneyNature documentary that was released in 2016, is a groundbreaking addition to the repertoire of wildlife documentaries.

The movie is shot in the magnificent wildlands of China, and follows the lives of several animals that call it home. The documentary tells the story of three animal families.

A family of pandas, a family of golden monkeys, and a family of snow leopards. The movie provides insight into the daily struggles of these fierce and majestic animals, and showcases their unwavering resilience.

The Panda Family

The Panda family consists of a mother and her cub. The documentary shows how the mother panda teaches and nurtures her cub to become self-sufficient.

The cub’s journey is inspiring, and the audience is left in awe of the intelligence and endearing qualities of these beautiful creatures.

The Golden Monkey Family

The golden monkey family is a social and tight-knit group. The movie highlights the importance of family dynamics and teamwork.

The monkeys work together to forage for food and protect each other from predators.

The Snow Leopard Family

The snow leopard, also known as the “ghost of the mountains,” is a solitary animal that is rarely seen. The documentary gives a rare glimpse into the life of a snow leopard mother and her two cubs.

The audience is shown how the mother teaches her cubs how to hunt and survive in an unforgiving environment.



One of the most striking aspects of the movie is the cinematography. The movie is shot with precision and care, with an eye to capturing the beauty and struggle of the animals.

The use of high-speed cameras and long-range lenses gives viewers an up-close view of the animals in their habitats, allowing us to see every intricate detail of their daily lives.

The Score

Another noteworthy aspect of the documentary is the score. The movie’s soundtrack is composed by Barnaby Taylor, and features traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng and erhu.

The music adds a layer of depth and cultural significance to the movie, and complements the stunning visuals perfectly.

In Conclusion

Born in China is an incredible documentary that will make you fall in love with the beauty and resilience of animals. It is a testament to the power of nature, and how animals are an intrinsic part of it.

The movie is a must-watch for all nature enthusiasts, and those who love to witness the beauty and intricacy of life in its purest form. Born in China is not just another nature documentary; it is a story of survival, adaptation and motherhood.

The movie’s plot is structured around the lives of three families, each following a different animal species. The movie starts with a mother panda and her newborn cub.

The panda family is a popular choice for nature documentaries and is loved by audiences across the world. The focus on the panda family in Born in China gives viewers an intimate look at the daily life of these beloved creatures.

The mother panda is shown giving birth to her cub in a tree hollow, and then raising her cub while surviving in the wild. The story of the panda family revolves around the cub’s journey towards independence.

The documentary shows the young cub learning how to climb trees, eat bamboo shoots, and survive in the dense forest. The mother panda is seen teaching her cub how to fend for itself, and how to protect itself from predators.

The relationship between the mother and cub is heartwarming, and it is obvious that the mother panda is fiercely protective of her offspring. The second family that the audience gets to know is a group of golden monkeys.

The story of the golden monkey family is one of survival and perseverance. The monkeys live in the remote forests of central China, and rely on their close-knit family structure to survive.

The documentary does an excellent job of conveying the family dynamics of the monkeys. The monkeys are shown caring for one another, sharing food and grooming each other.

The story of the golden monkey family is also one of adaptation. The documentary shows how the monkeys have adapted to their environment by developing thick coats that protect them from the cold and learning how to hunt for different types of food.

The third and final family within the movie is that of the snow leopard. The snow leopard, also known as the “ghost of the mountains,” is a solitary and elusive animal that is rarely seen by humans.

The story of the snow leopard family is one of survival. The mother snow leopard is shown traveling through the icy mountains with her two cubs.

The cubs are shown playing and exploring their environment, while the mother snow leopard hunts for food. The documentary shows how the mother snow leopard has to be both nurturing and dominant.

She teaches her cubs how to hunt and survive, while also protecting them from other predators. The story of the snow leopard family is one of resilience, as they learn to survive in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

The movie’s overarching plot is one of motherhood. It follows the journey of mothers as they raise their young in the wild.

The documentary’s focus on motherhood is a refreshing change from the usual focus on animal violence and predation. The story of mothers raising their young is universal, and the movie’s ability to convey this message brings it closer to the audience’s hearts.

In conclusion, Born in China is a beautiful documentary that creates a narrative around the daily lives of animals. The movie’s plot is built around the stories of three families, each belonging to a different species.

The narrative is structured around the concept of motherhood and the journey towards independence. The audience is given an intimate look at the lives of these animals and the challenges they face in the wild.

The documentary’s cinematography and soundtrack complement the story perfectly, creating a cinematic experience that is both beautiful and emotional. Born in China, a remarkable DisneyNature documentary, is one of the most stunning productions of its kind.

The film provides audiences with a breathtaking and close-up portrayal of the wildlife and natural beauty of China. The production quality of this documentary, which took three years in the making, is a thing of beauty and sets it apart from several others.

The documentary features three amazing animal families in China: the majestic snow leopards, the charming golden snub-nosed monkeys, and the lovable giant pandas. The film also showcases some of China’s most stunning landscapes, including the bamboo forests of Sichuan, the rugged Himalayan mountains, and the rolling open plains of Inner Mongolia.

The Production Team

To create Born in China, DisneyNature assembled a team of award-winning cinematographers armed with cutting-edge technology that could capture never-before-seen moments in each of the families’ lives. The production team included renowned Chinese filmmakers, scientists, and wildlife photographers who were local to each region.

The team’s skilled work is evident in the film, which features some of the most spectacular cinematic footage ever seen in a nature documentary. The close-up shots of the animals’ fur, scales, and feathers are so detailed that viewers will feel as if they are standing right beside the animals themselves.


Born in China features some of the best cinematography ever seen in a nature documentary. The movie’s visual appeal will take your breath away.

The film features state-of-the-art camera technology, including high-speed cameras, 4K cameras, and drone cameras, which allowed the filmmakers to get closer access to the animals. The crew used drones to fly over the mountains and capture stunning aerial shots of the animals in their natural habitats.

The high-speed cameras helped capture the pandas’ playful behavior and snow leopards’ stealthy movements. The 4K cameras provide the audience with a vibrant, crisp, and clear portrayal of the stunning landscapes featured in the movie.


The music for Born in China was composed by Barnaby Taylor, a renowned composer who has frequently worked with nature documentaries. The soundtrack’s main emphasis is traditional Chinese music, which ties everything together with the movie’s theme.

The soundtrack contains a variety of instruments, including the pipa and erhu, and blends seamlessly with the visuals. The soundtrack is both emotional and uplifting, elevating the nature documentary’s atmosphere and reinforcing the film’s overarching story depicted by the three animal families.


Born in China is without debate one of the most stunningly produced nature documentaries ever made. The movie’s breathtaking visuals combined with its compelling storyline, including the animal families’ heartwarming stories, deliver an astounding cinematic experience to its viewers.

The exceptional production quality of the film attests to the time and effort invested into making it. It is a true testament to the level of talent exhibited by its production team.

Its awe-inspiring visuals and the moving soundtrack make it an excellent tool for drawing attention to the natural world’s beauty and its importance to humans’ well-being. Despite any possible flaws, this production is indeed an exemplary effort by the DisneyNature team.

Born in China, a DisneyNature documentary, premiered in China on August 12, 2016, and was released worldwide on April 21, 2017. The films release was a massive success, grossing over $25 million in China and becoming the highest-grossing nature documentary in the country.

The film’s worldwide release received critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike, who praised its stunning visuals and heartwarming storytelling.

Marketing and Promotion

Born in China’s success owes much to its extensive marketing and promotion campaigns. The movies social media pages were active and had a significant impact on the documentary’s target audience.

The film’s promotional team, composed of representatives from Walt Disney Studios, worked tirelessly to promote the movie on various digital platforms. DisneyNature released behind-the-scenes footage of the movie, promotional videos, and various articles with insights from the filmmakers and the production team members.

The filmmakers conducted numerous interviews on radio and TV shows, providing viewers with an in-depth look at the film’s creative process and highlighting the effort put into the production.


The documentary was screened in a wide range of venues to increase its reach. Born in China was available up close in theaters worldwide, and it became one of the year’s most significant documentary releases.

The documentary was also available for home viewing in Blu-ray and digital formats worldwide. Born in China was also featured on various Online Video-on-demand services to ensure that audiences worldwide could have access.

DisneyNature also released the movie’s soundtrack on various platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, allowing fans to listen to it repeatedly.

Critical Reception

Born in China received overwhelming positive reviews from critics and a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics across the globe praised the movie’s visual extravaganza, storytelling, and cinematography.

The film was incredibly well-received in China, where it grossed over $25 million. Viewers around the world loved the film, citing its heartwarming portrayal of the animals and their families.

The documentary’s unique focus on motherhood also resonated with audiences, as it was a fresher take from the usual themes in most cinematic documentaries.

Final Thoughts

Born in China is a fantastic documentary, well deserving to be celebrated. It received commercial success and critical acclaim and generated a notable level of interest worldwide.

The support and appreciation the documentary received over the year of its release shoed that people still are interested in nature documentaries that are well made. Born in China showcases the natural beauty of China and enables viewers to immerse themselves into the lives of animals living there, highlighting their unique stories and the challenges they face in the wild.

The release brought to the table a new perspective on nature films, emphasizing that it can be a successful and thriving genre if the productions are captivating, well made, and marketed appropriately. The Born in China documentary features a unique and captivating soundtrack created by composer Barnaby Taylor.

The music is a perfect blend of traditional Chinese instruments and Western elements, which creates a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for viewers. The soundtrack uses traditional Chinese instruments, such as the pipa, erhu, and guzheng, along with flute and percussion, to create a sound that is both emotive and reflective of China’s cultural traditions.

These instruments’ sound was creatively incorporated to reflect the different species featured, giving the soundtrack an excellent blend of the animals’ characters. The opening sequence of the film features a solo pipa piece titled “Mountain and Water,” played by famous Chinese pipa performer, Wu Man.

The piece’s contemplative melody and improvisational elements serve as a perfect introduction to the film’s contemplative narrative. The music continues throughout the film, providing an emotional backdrop to the animal characters’ stories.

The soundtrack’s pace and tempo are reflective of the scenes, whether it’s serene, displaying quiet contemplation and movement or fast-paced, keeping up with the more upbeat scenes of the documentary. The combination of traditional Chinese instruments and Western elements in the soundtrack makes for a unique fusion of sound.

Western instruments, like strings and horns, are introduced for a more epic effect, especially during the dramatic scenes showcasing natural phenomena and predator-prey moments. The soundtrack pieces highlight the different cultures and landscapes in which the animals are situated, making it a cultural inclusion masterpiece.

The music also matches the documentary’s beautiful and stunning visuals, providing a hauntingly beautiful experience.

Overall, the Born in China soundtrack is a sensory experience that is both emotive and reflective of the animals’ stories, location, and cultural heritage represented in the documentary. Barnaby Taylor’s music has created a beautiful accompaniment to the natural sounds of the animal’s environment, enhancing the audience’s immersion in the characters’ stories.

The soundtrack album was released by Walt Disney Records, featuring 27 tracks, including a new recording of “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. It was announced that 20 percent of the Born in China soundtrack’s sales would be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support species conservation worldwide.

This donation will help preserve the animal’s habitats and support the WWF’s ongoing efforts to save wildlife globally. In conclusion, Born in China soundtrack undoubtedly adds a new meaning to the documentary’s visual experience and tells its own story through the music.

The traditional Chinese instruments’ mixture with Western elements celebrates the natural beauty, culture, and rich heritage of China, making the music selection a standout. It highlights the beauty of natural wonders and will remain a timeless masterpiece of music that not only entertains but also inspires change in the way we view nature and its conservation efforts.

Born in China is a DisneyNature documentary that features three animal families and their journeys of resilience, motherhood, and survival in China’s wildlands. The production quality of the movie is impressive, with stunning visuals and a unique soundtrack that has garnered critical acclaim worldwide.

The significance of Born in China lies in its ability to sensitively portray the lives of animals in their natural habitats, inspiring and raising awareness for wildlife conservation. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the movie.

– What is Born in China about? It’s about the lives of three animal families in China, highlighting themes of motherhood, survival, and resilience in the wildlands of China.

– What makes Born in China different from other documentaries? The documentary is visually stunning, and the unique soundtrack fuses traditional Chinese instruments with Western elements, creating a sensory experience that highlights China’s rich cultural heritage.

– Who is the target audience of Born in China? The movie is suitable for all ages interested in nature, wildlife conservation, and inspiring stories of triumph and survival.

– Where can I watch Born in China? The documentary is available for home viewing in Blu-ray and digital formats worldwide.

– Did Born in China contribute to wildlife conservation efforts? Yes, DisneyNature donated 20 percent of the soundtrack sales to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to support species conservation worldwide.

Born in China’s remarkable storytelling, production quality, and soundtrack have set a new standard for nature documentaries, making it a must-watch for nature lovers and an essential tool for wildlife conservation awareness.

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