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Benji the Hunted: A Timeless Classic of Courage and Friendship

Have you ever watched a movie that left you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end? Benji the Hunted is one such movie that does an excellent job of capturing the audiences interest.

The 1987 family film tells the story of a lovable and courageous dog named Benji, who finds himself stranded in an Oregon forest after being accidentally separated from his owner. Benjis adventure unfolds as he braves the wilderness alone, encountering various dangers along the way.

In this article, we will provide a detailed synopsis of the plot, highlighting the key events and characters that make Benji the Hunted a timeless classic.


The movie opens with a heartwarming sequence wherein Benji bids farewell to his owner, Mary (played by actress Cynthia Smith). As she boards a boat to leave the island, Benji rushes onto the dock to chase after her.

In the confusion, he accidentally misses the boat and finds himself alone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After drifting aimlessly for days, Benji lands on the Oregon coast.

He soon discovers a group of animals who are also trying to find their way home after being lost in the forest. Benji quickly bonds with the group, and they become his companions as he embarks on a perilous journey through the wilderness.

The animals include a puma, a young cougar, a fox, a bear, and two black bear cubs. Along the way, they face several challenges such as escaping from hunters and avoiding dangerous predators.

The animals quest to find their way home becomes more challenging as they encounter more obstacles. Meanwhile, Mary, who had realized that Benji was missing, is frantic with worry.

She sends out a search party to find him, including animal wrangler Frank Inn (played by Frank Inn) and his assistant, Nigel (played by Nigel Davenport). The search party discovers Benjis tracks in the forest, but they are unsure about his fate.

As the days pass, the animals continue to face danger. They are chased by hunters, and a trap set by a poacher nearly kills the young cougar.

However, Benjis bravery and intelligence save the day as he outwits the hunters and frees his animal friends from the trap. Eventually, Benji and his animal companions approach a river and find a makeshift raft, which they use to cross over.

After they reach the other side, they finally discover their way home, and the animals go their separate ways. Back at the island, Mary reunites with Benji and celebrates his safe return.


In conclusion, Benji the Hunted is a classic childrens movie that has stood the test of time. This heartwarming tale of courage and friendship resonates with viewers of all ages.

The movie is a wholesome family entertainment that portrays the importance of love and loyalty. If you havent watched it yet, we highly recommend that you do.

Benjis adventures in the wilderness are sure to captivate you and keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. Benji the Hunted is a movie that captures the imagination of spectators of all ages, with its thrilling storyline which focuses on the adventures of a lovable dog named Benji.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the movie’s plot, highlighting the key events and turning points that make it a timeless classic. As the movie progresses, we see Benji and his new animal friends encountering challenges that test their strength and resilience.

One of the most significant turning points in the plot is when the group of animals faces a dangerous predator in the form of a mountain lion. The cougar, which had been stalking them for a while, attacks their campsite one night, resulting in an intense chase sequence.

During this chase, Benji’s intelligence and quick thinking come into play, as he diverts the predator’s attention from his animal friends, allowing them to escape to safety. This scene highlights the bond that has grown between the animals and how Benji has taken on the role of their protector.

Another turning point in the plot is when Benji and his animal companions come across a group of hunters in the forest. The hunters have been pursuing them, hoping to capture some animals for a zoo.

However, Benji’s quick thinking allows the group to evade capture. During this sequence, we see Benji use his intelligence to outsmart the hunters, leading them on a wild goose chase in the forest.

Eventually, Benji leads the hunters to a clearing where they encounter a group of black bears. The bears attack the hunters, allowing Benji and his animal friends to escape.

Again, this sequence highlights Benji’s bravery and intelligence. As the group of animals approach a river on their journey home, they encounter a dilapidated cabin in the woods.

They realize that the cabin has been abandoned, and in their decision to investigate, they learn that a poacher has been operating in the area. The poacher, played by Joe Camp, is using various traps and devices for capturing wildlife.

The poacher’s lair becomes the location for the movie’s climactic confrontation. Benji and the animals hatch a plan to take down the poacher, and in the ensuing fight, Benji’s bravery once again comes to the fore.

Through his quick thinking and intelligence, they are able to overcome the poacher’s traps and capture him. When the movie reaches its conclusion, Benji and his animal friends finally find their way home after a long and perilous journey.

Mary, Benji’s owner, is just as happy to see Benji as he is to see her. In the final moments, the two are smiling and happily reunited.

In conclusion, Benji the Hunted has a well-crafted plot that is both thrilling and heartwarming. The story explores the ups and downs of life and portrays the importance of compassion, friendship, and loyalty.

Benji’s journey to find his way home is an emotional rollercoaster that tests his strength, intelligence, and bravery. The movie’s unique perspective of being seen through the eyes of animals breathes new life into the adventure genre.

Benji the Hunted is not just a dog movie but a masterpiece of filmmaking that has left an indelible mark on pop culture for generations to come. The production of Benji the Hunted was a challenging task, considering that the movie predominantly featured animals in starring roles.

Shot over a period of several months, the making of the film required intricate planning and execution to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals and their trainers. One of the challenges of the production was managing the animal cast.

The movie featured a diverse range of animals, including a puma, a young cougar, a fox, a bear, and two black bear cubs, among others. Each of these animals had to be carefully trained to perform specific sequences within the movie.

The filmmakers worked with experienced animal handlers to train and manage the animal cast with the utmost care, ensuring their safety throughout filming. Another significant challenge during production was filming in the outdoors.

Most of the movie was shot on location in the beautiful and scenic forests of Oregon. The filmmakers faced adverse weather conditions and had to make constant adjustments to their shooting schedule to accommodate for changes in lighting, weather, and animal behavior.

Despite these challenges, the production of Benji the Hunted was a resounding success. The movie’s director, Joe Camp, was well known for his experience working with animals, having previously directed films featuring dogs, including the original Benji, which featured a street dog who saves two kidnapped children.

Camp deliberately chose not to feature any human dialogue in Benji the Hunted to focus the narrative entirely on the animal characters. This approach allowed audiences to connect more deeply with the animals and their experiences and provided a unique perspective on the story.

Further, the crew used various camera techniques to make the animal sequences appear more natural and spontaneous. The movie was shot from a low angle to give audiences a sense of being at the animal’s eye level, allowing viewers to see the world from a different point of view.

This technique also helped to create a more immersive viewing experience. At times, the cameras were set up to capture the animals’ facial expressions and body language, which helped to convey their emotions and feelings to the audience.

The filmmakers also used cutting-edge technology to create special effects when necessary. For example, in the scene where the young puma struggles to cross a raging river, an animatronic puma was used to simulate the falling of the puma off the waterfall.

These special effects were created by the legendary Stan Winston Studio, which was responsible for some of the most iconic special effects in movie history. In conclusion, Benji the Hunted was a groundbreaking movie that challenged the norms by giving animal protagonists a voice of their own.

The production team took on immense responsibility to protect the animal cast, and in turn, this helped them to achieve a more realistic portrayal of the wilderness. The use of innovative camera techniques and special effects technology helped the filmmakers bring the story to life with remarkable authenticity.

The result was a magical viewing experience for audiences of all ages that inspired a generation of animal lovers. The release of Benji the Hunted in 1987 was a highly anticipated event, given that it followed the success of the previous installments in the Benji franchise.

The movie was distributed by Mulberry Square Releasing and premiered in the United States on June 5, 1987. Due to its family-friendly content and heartwarming story, Benji the Hunted was widely well-received by audiences and critics alike.

The movie, with no human dialogue and entirely carried by the reactions and noises of the animal characters, spoke an international language that resonated across cultural divides, making it a global box office hit. The movie’s success paved the way for its release in various countries worldwide, opening new horizons for the distribution of family-oriented movies.

The simplicity of the movie’s story made it particularly attractive to markets where language was a barrier but could not stop its emotive content from moving audiences. The animal characters proved to be an instant hit with children, and Benji became a beloved favorite for several generations of young viewers.

Parents applauded the movie for its strong themes of courage, perseverance, and friendship. The movie’s success led to a comic book adaptation, coloring books, and various merchandise featuring the lovable dog character.

Aside from the commercial success, Benji the Hunted was also lauded for its technical achievements. The remarkable use of animal characters gave the filmmakers plenty of challenges during post-production.

However, these challenges were effectively resolved, resulting in a finished product that elevated the genre and captivated audiences in an unprecedented way. Directors of other movies featuring animal characters took the film’s technical achievements as an inspiration to push the boundaries of what was possible in this field.

Despite the film receiving mixed reviews from some critics, these criticisms could not detract from the movie’s success and endurability. Joined with other installments of the franchise, Benji the Hunted became part of the cultural landscapes of many countries and remained one of the most iconic family films ever made.

The film’s release onto home video formats, such as VHS, further contributed to its accessibility, allowing families to experience the magic of the movie in the comfort of their own homes. The home video release also allowed a new generation of viewers to discover the film, ensuring its place in the pop culture canon.

In conclusion, Benji the Hunted had a successful release that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The film’s strength lay in its simplistic storyline and the remarkable use of animal characters, resulting in a movie that was both moving and relatable.

The film’s release partnered with merchandise and home video release helped to cement Benji as an iconic family character, ensuring that the film would continue to be enjoyed by audiences for generations to come. The soundtrack of Benji the Hunted played a significant role in shaping the movie’s emotional impact.

Composer Euel Box was tasked with creating a score that seamlessly transitioned from lighthearted moments to more intense sequences. Box’s music captured the essence of the movie’s themes and became an integral part of the experience.

His work on Benji the Hunted contributed to his reputation as one of Hollywood’s top composers, nationally and internationally. The movie’s opening sequence featured a beautiful and stirring score that complemented the peaceful island setting, where Benji lived with his owner.

The music evoked a sense of idyllic tranquillity, conveying the bond between man and animal while emphasizing the emotional bond between them. As the movie’s tone shifted to darker and more intense situations, the music followed suit, heightening the tension and evoking a range of emotions in viewers.

The emotions were conveyed without words, as the animals could not speak, only through the evocative score.

The movie’s climactic fight between the animals and the poacher was made all the more intense with the use of a haunting and tense musical score.

The music drew out the intensity of the scene, making it all the more dramatic. In addition to its emotional impact, the soundtrack to Benji the Hunted had a lasting impact on the music industry.

The movie’s main theme, “Lost in the Wilderness,” became an instant hit and achieved worldwide attention. The song was recorded by various artists, including Tiffany, who released a cover of the song that peaked at number 93 on the US Billboard chart.

The theme song’s enormous success inspired the creation of an entire franchise of Benji movies, each accompanied by an impactful score that contained memorable and evocative music. The soundtrack of Benji the Hunted incorporated various musical elements, including orchestral instruments, vocals, and sound effects.

The movie’s use of animal sounds and noises, which acted as a form of dialogue, helped to enhance the movie’s immersive experience. Today, Box’s work on Benji the Hunted remains a significant contribution to the music and cinematic industry.

His creation of innovative and creative scores continues to inspire modern composers and to date, the soundtrack to Benji the Hunted serves as an Iconic representation of “family-friendly” movie soundtracks. In conclusion, the soundtrack of Benji the Hunted proved to be a significant factor in the movie’s success, heightening the emotions of every scene and providing a sense of authenticity to the lives of the animal characters.

Euel Box’s score has remained an inspiration to modern-day composers and remained a classic in the history of Hollywood’s family-friendly movie soundtracks. Without a doubt, Benji the Hunted’s soundtrack played an essential role by stirring emotions, harmonizing with the plot’s emotions, and remaining memorable decades later.

In conclusion, Benji the Hunted is a timeless classic that is beloved by audiences worldwide. The movie’s heartwarming story, remarkable production, and memorable soundtrack have helped it to endure the test of time and left an indelible mark on popular culture.

From the movie’s release to its soundtrack, everything about it has remained significant and even inspirational to the global audiences it touched and those that followed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who directed Benji the Hunted?

A: The movie was directed by Joe Camp.

Q: Who composed the soundtrack for Benji the Hunted?

A: The soundtrack was composed by Euel Box.

Q: When was Benji the Hunted released in the United States?

A: The movie was released in the United States on June 5, 1987.

Q: Was Benji the Hunted a commercial success?

A: Yes, the movie was a commercial success and was well-received by audiences worldwide.

Q: What animals were featured in Benji the Hunted?

A: The movie featured a puma, a young cougar, a fox, a bear, and two black bear cubs, among others.

Q: Was Benji the Hunted part of a larger franchise?

A: Yes, Benji the Hunted was part of a larger franchise that included several other movies featuring the titular character.

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