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Behind the Scenes of Inspector Gadget: Bringing the Animated Hero to Life

Inspector Gadget: A Synopsis

Inspector Gadget is a movie that was released in 1999. It is an action-comedy that features the titular character, Inspector Gadget, who is a cyborg police officer.

The character was originally a TV series in the 1980s, and this movie was an attempt to bring the beloved character to the big screen. Here is a synopsis of the movie.

The Plot

The movie begins with the villainous Dr. Claw, who is a notorious criminal that wants to take over the world. He has taken over a robotics company and is building an army of evil robots.

His plan is to use these robots to take over the world. To stop him, the police department sends in Inspector Gadget, who is a human with many cybernetic enhancements.

Gadget is assigned to work with a female police officer named Brenda. He is excited to be working with her and immediately begins to flirt with her.

However, she is not interested in him and tries to focus on their mission. Things quickly go wrong when Gadget is captured by Dr. Claw.

Dr. Claw wants to reprogram Gadget to work for him, but Gadget escapes and ends up being found by Brenda. Brenda is shocked to learn that Gadget is a cyborg and has many gadgets that he can use to help them on their mission.

Together, they go on a mission to stop Dr. Claw from taking over the world. They have to fight his army of evil robots and face many challenges along the way.

Gadget uses his gadgets to help them out of many tight situations, including a helicopter hat, a bionic arm, and roller skates. In the end, Gadget and Brenda are able to stop Dr. Claw and his evil plans.

Gadget is hailed as a hero, and Brenda realizes that there is more to Gadget than just his gadgets. They finally become friends, and Gadget learns that he doesn’t need his gadgets to be a hero.

The Characters

Inspector Gadget is the main character in the movie. He is played by actor Matthew Broderick.

Gadget is a cyborg police officer with many cybernetic enhancements that give him special abilities. He is also very clumsy and always causes chaos wherever he goes.

Brenda is Gadget’s partner in the police department. She is played by actress Joely Fisher.

Brenda is a smart and capable police officer who doesn’t let Gadget’s clumsiness get in the way of their mission. She is a strong and independent woman who is not interested in Gadget’s advances.

Dr. Claw is the villain in the movie. He is played by actor Rupert Everett.

Dr. Claw is a megalomaniacal criminal who wants to take over the world. He is always plotting and scheming to achieve his goals.


Inspector Gadget is an action-packed comedy that is great for the whole family. It is a fun movie that is full of adventure and humor.

The characters are lovable, and the story is engaging. Whether you are a fan of the original TV show or you are new to the world of Inspector Gadget, this movie is definitely worth a watch.

The Plot of Inspector Gadget: A Detailed Review

Inspector Gadget is a blockbuster Hollywood movie that truly stands the test of time. Released in 1999, the movie is still beloved by many audiences around the world.

The movie is centered on an Inspector named Gadget, played by Matthew Broderick, who has been given numerous robotic enhancements that make him a force to be reckoned with. The story takes place in a world where technology is advanced, and anything seems possible.

This article will detail the plot of Inspector Gadget in-depth, outlining the different twists and turns that make this movie so engaging.

The Beginning

The film opens with a robotics company that has been taken over by a notorious villain Dr. Claw (Rupert Everett). Dr. Claw is building an army of robots that he plans to use to take over the world.

The police department then dispatches Inspector Gadget, a cyborg who is half-human and half-machine, to stop Dr. Claw’s plans. The opening scenes of the movie set the stage for the audience to understand the high stakes that are involved.

The Protagonists

Inspector Gadget is the protagonist of the film, and he is a character that is hard not to like. He has been given numerous enhancements that make him a formidable protector of the law.

Gadget is a character that is sometimes bumbling and makes lots of mistakes, but he has a good heart and always aims to do the right thing. On the other hand, Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher), who is Gadget’s partner in the police department, is a capable and intelligent woman.

Brenda is also highly skeptical of Gadget’s abilities because she sees his cyborg enhancements as a liability.

The Antagonists

Dr. Claw is an enigmatic villain who is the perfect foil to Gadget’s unbridled enthusiasm. He is a character that the audience loves to hate because of his evil plans, his lurking presence, and his diabolical laugh.

Dr. Claw is an ideal villain for this movie because he adds an important layer of complexity to the plot. He is menacing and mysterious, and the audience is never quite sure what his next move will be.

The Story Arcs

There are a few distinct story arcs that take place in the plot of Inspector Gadget. The first story arc is the tension and chemistry between Gadget and Brenda.

Gadget is immediately drawn to Brenda because of her intelligence and strength, but Brenda is initially reluctant to give Gadget a chance. This tension between the two protagonists is a key element that adds depth to the plot.

Another key story arc is the development of Gadget’s character. Gadget starts the movie as a bumbling officer who is overly reliant on his cybernetic enhancements.

Over the course of the movie, he learns to rely on his own instincts and abilities, and he learns to trust those around him. Gadget’s character arc is central to the plot, and his development is what makes Inspector Gadget a compelling character.

The climax of the movie takes place when Gadget faces Dr. Claw for the final battle. The action is intense, and there are several twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, Gadget and Brenda are able to thwart Dr. Claw’s plans, and Gadget is hailed as a hero.


Inspector Gadget is a timeless movie that is beloved by many audiences. The movie tells a compelling story that is full of action and adventure.

The different story arcs that are present in the plot, the memorable characters, and the tense climax make this movie a must-watch. The film’s use of technology as a central plot device was ahead of its time, making Inspector Gadget a movie that is still relevant and entertaining today.

Whether you are a fan of action movies, comedy movies, or robots, this movie is guaranteed to entertain. Production of Inspector Gadget: Behind the Scenes

Inspector Gadget, a live-action adaptation of the popular animated television series which aired during the 1980s, was released in 1999 to mixed reviews.

The movie, directed by David Kellogg, starred Matthew Broderick as the titular character and Rupert Everett as the villainous Dr. Claw. The movie was produced by Caravan Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures, and this article will provide an in-depth look at the production of Inspector Gadget.


The casting of Matthew Broderick as Inspector Gadget was a controversial choice. Broderick, best known for his lead role in Ferris Buellers Day Off, had not been involved in an action movie before.

However, director David Kellogg had faith in Brodericks ability to execute the role. The casting of Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw was met with more approval.

His past experiences playing villains on both stage and screen made him a perfect fit for the role.


A significant challenge that the filmmakers faced in the production of Inspector Gadget was creating a believable costume for the cyborg inspector. The character’s costume included numerous gadgets that allowed him to perform incredible feats such as flying, extending his limbs, and using his hands as tools.

The design team, led by production designer Leslie Dilley and costume designer Michael Kaplan, focused their efforts on making the suit both practical and visually appealing. The final product featured a variety of gadgets that were built into the costume using false flex parts and radio-controlled systems.


The film was shot primarily in Melbourne, Australia, with the city’s landmarks frequently serving as backdrops for the movie’s action sequences. The crew spent several months filming on location in the city to capture the right shots and angles.

The movie also had several challenging stunts that required special attention to ensure that they were executed safely.

Visual Effects

The production team relied heavily on visual effects to bring the film’s sci-fi elements to life. As Gadget was a cyborg crime fighter with numerous robotic features and gadgets, the visual effects team was tasked with the challenging job of bringing these characteristics to the big screen.

This process involved using computer-generated images (CGI) to create special effects that incorporated the extensive physical effects integrated into the costume.


The music for Inspector Gadget was composed by John Debney, a composer who had worked on other Disney projects such as Hocus Pocus and Meet Dave. Debney was tasked with creating a theme for the movie that would be memorable and recognizable.

He produced a soundtrack that featured a combination of orchestral elements with synthesized sounds to create a unique and dynamic score for the film.


The film’s marketing campaign was comprehensive, focusing on both television and print advertisements to reach a wide audience. The marketing strategy for Inspector Gadget also included a range of promotional merchandise, from toys and clothing to lunch boxes and drinking cups.


Overall, the production of Inspector Gadget was a significant undertaking that required an enormous amount of resources to bring the movie to fruition. The film managed to blend both live-action sequences and visual effects seamlessly.

This is an impressive feat considering the challenges that can arise when creating a movie that features a character with numerous robotic features. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the film has become a cult classic and is still enjoyed by many audiences today.

Release of Inspector Gadget: An Overview

Inspector Gadget was released in theaters on July 23, 1999, in the United States and was met with mixed reviews from critics. The film was eagerly anticipated by fans of the animated series; however, some were disappointed with the end result.

In this article, we will look at the release of Inspector Gadget and analyze the response it received from audiences and critics.

Box Office Performance

Inspector Gadget was produced with a budget of approximately $75 million and earned just over $134 million at the box office. While the movie was not a massive hit at the box office, it did manage to turn a profit for Disney’s Caravan Pictures.

Public Response

While Inspector Gadget was not a critical success upon its release, it did receive mixed reviews from audiences. Many people who were fans of the original animated series were disappointed by the movie’s portrayal of the character and the changes made to the story.

Some felt that the film focused too heavily on special effects and not enough on the human element of the story. On the other hand, some audience members enjoyed the movie, particularly the comedy and action elements.

The movie’s focus on Gadget’s gadgets and futuristic technology appealed to audiences who enjoyed sci-fi and action movies.

Critical Response

Inspector Gadget was met with generally negative reviews from critics. Many critics found that the film was too reliant on special effects and lacked depth in character development.

Additionally, some critics found that the movie had a lackluster plot and failed to live up to the expectations of the original animated series.


Inspector Gadget, while not a massive hit upon its release, remains a beloved movie for many audiences. The film is a fun and entertaining take on the classic animated series.

While it may not have been a critical success, it managed to turn a profit and has become a cult classic in the years since its release. Critics may have been disappointed with the final product, but audiences continue to enjoy the movie for what it is – a fun and entertaining take on a classic cartoon character.

Soundtrack of Inspector Gadget: A Review

Inspector Gadget, the 1999 live-action adventure comedy film adaptation of the animated television series, was composed by John Debney. He created a score that emphasized the humorous and light-hearted nature of the movie, blending the traditional orchestration with synthesized music to make a perfect frenetic soundscape for the cyborg crime fighter.

The main theme of the movie is an instrumental piece that makes a brief appearance in the opening credits. Opening up with a catchy electric guitar riff and accompanied by a steady rhythm section, the theme perfectly captures the spirit of the character and sets the tone for the film.

One of the movies key scenes, where Gadget is first seen performing his cyborg powers, is accompanied by a loud and bombastic piece of music with heavy percussion and horns. The music is a perfect representation of the chaos that unfolds on screen, and the method used by Gadget to extricate himself out of a tight spot.

The score’s lighter moments are represented by pieces such as Pennys Frustration and The Gadgetmobile, which emphasize a playful and amusing demeanor. These pieces are created using classical instrumentation layered with synthesized sounds to achieve a sense of fun and excitement.

This perfect mix of classical and synthetic sound helps create a unique sonic atmosphere. One of the more cynical pieces of music in the movie, The Impostor, emphasises Dr. Claw as the character sinks into a situation that leads to his eventual downfall.

The piece is melancholic in tone and gives a glimpse into the darker side of the movie. The score reflects the contrasting aspects of Inspector Gadget, in which the music is designed to convey the action, humor, and dramatic moments of the film.

Debney proves himself as an adept composer by successfully blending different musical styles to create the perfect soundtrack for Inspector Gadget. The score is both humorous and exciting, and reflects the quirky and playful character of the film.

Through his use of classical instrumentation and synthetic soundscapes, Debneys score captures the essence of the original animated series while creating something entirely its own. The soundtrack was produced by Walt Disney Records and was released on August 3, 1999.

It featured sixteen pieces of music from the film. The album managed to sell well, proving to be an overwhelming success, and it received positive reviews.

The album was praised for its playful nature, and its excellent exploration of different themes. The soundtrack of Inspector Gadget proved integral to the film’s success, with Debney’s perfect blend of music and sound offering audiences a new and innovative way to engage with the story.

The soundtrack created an immersive environment for The movie, enhancing the experience for viewers, and creating a dynamic soundscape that perfectly complements the action, humor, and drama on the screen. Fans of the movie can still enjoy the compelling soundtrack, which stands the test of time and remains a testament to the creative brilliance of its composer.

In conclusion, Inspector Gadget is a beloved movie that has a special place in the hearts of many audiences. The movie was produced with a significant budget and despite receiving mixed reviews upon its release, it has stood the test of time since its release.

With its focus on action, comedy, and futuristic technology, Inspector Gadget remains a cult classic that is enjoyed by a wide range of moviegoers to this day. FAQs:

Q: Who directed Inspector Gadget?

A: Inspector Gadget was directed by David Kellogg. Q: Who played the role of Inspector Gadget in the movie?

A: Matthew Broderick played the role of Inspector Gadget in the movie. Q: Who composed the soundtrack of Inspector Gadget?

A: The soundtrack of Inspector Gadget was composed by John Debney. Q: Was Inspector Gadget a box office success?

A: While it did not perform exceptionally at the box office, Inspector Gadget did manage to turn a profit. Q: What was the response to Inspector Gadget from audiences?

A: While it received mixed reviews, Inspector Gadget continues to be a beloved movie for many audiences. Q: What was the focus of the plot of Inspector Gadget?

A: Inspector Gadget is an action-comedy that focuses on a cyborg police officer tasked with stopping a villainous criminal who plans to take over the world with an army of robots.

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