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Bahuka: The Charmingly Terrible Disney Character


Bahuka, the Disney character, is known for his mischievous and sly personality. He is a sneaky and cunning thief who steals from others to get what he wants.

Bahuka is always on the lookout for an easy target, and he is not afraid to pull off a scam if it means he can get his hands on something valuable. However, despite his bad-boy persona, Bahuka also has a heart of gold.

He often helps his friends in need and will go out of his way to protect them if they are in danger. Appearance:

Bahuka is a tall, thin man with a slender build and a light brown complexion.

He has long, wiry hair that he often wears in a messy bun on the top of his head. Bahuka’s eyes are a rich, deep brown, and he has a pointed nose and thin lips.

He typically wears a purple vest over a plain white shirt, along with loose-fitting pants that are gathered at the ankle. Bahuka also sports a pair of brown boots and a long, flowing, green scarf that he always keeps wrapped around his neck.

Overall, Bahuka’s appearance and personality make him a fun and interesting Disney character to watch on the big screen. His lighthearted, mischievous demeanor adds a sense of humor to the films while his loyalty and generosity serve as a reminder that even the most devious of individuals can have a heart of gold.

If you are a fan of Disney movies, you will surely enjoy watching Bahuka and his antics on the big screen. Bahuka is a popular Disney character who has appeared in various feature films over the years.

One of his most memorable appearances was in the 1967 film, “The Jungle Book.” In the movie, Bahuka–voiced by comedian Louis Prima–was a member of a group of monkeys that kidnapped Mowgli, the film’s protagonist. Bahuka’s role in the movie added a sense of levity and humor, which was a welcome relief from the more serious parts of the story.

In terms of his occupation, Bahuka is a thief and a con artist. He is known for his ability to steal from others without getting caught, and he often uses his quick wit and cunning to trick people out of their money or possessions.

However, despite his shady occupation, Bahuka has a good heart and is always willing to help his friends when they need it. As for his likes and dislikes, Bahuka is a fan of anything valuable or shiny.

He loves to collect jewels and precious metals, and he is always on the lookout for something new to add to his stash. On the other hand, Bahuka dislikes authority figures and people who try to tell him what to do.

He values his freedom above all else and would never allow anyone to take it away from him. Overall, Bahuka is a beloved Disney character with a unique personality and interesting backstory.

His appearances in various films and TV shows have made him an iconic figure in popular culture, and his cunning wit and mischievous sense of humor continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Whether you are a longtime fan of the character or a newcomer to the world of Disney, Bahuka is sure to leave a lasting impression with his charmingly terrible behavior and heart of gold.

In conclusion, Bahuka is a fascinating Disney character who has captured the hearts of audiences for decades. His mischievous personality and unique appearance have made him a beloved part of popular culture, and his appearances in various feature films and TV shows have solidified his status as an icon of the Disney universe.

Despite his shady occupation, Bahuka’s loyalty and generosity make him a reminder that even the most devious individuals have a heart of gold. Overall, Bahuka is a charmingly terrible character who has brought laughter and joy to millions of people, and his legacy will continue to live on for generations to come.


Q: What is Bahuka’s occupation? A: Bahuka is a thief and a con artist.

Q: What does Bahuka like? A: Bahuka likes anything valuable or shiny.

Q: What is Bahuka’s personality like? A: Bahuka has a mischievous and sly personality, but he also has a heart of gold and is always willing to help his friends.

Q: What films has Bahuka appeared in? A: Bahuka has appeared in several Disney feature films, including “The Jungle Book.”

Q: What makes Bahuka a beloved Disney character?

A: Bahuka’s unique appearance, cunning wit, and mischievous personality make him a beloved and unforgettable part of the Disney universe.

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