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Alice the Beach Nut: A Summer Movie Filled with Laughter and Fun

Alice the Beach Nut: A Fun-Filled Adventure for All

Are you looking for a hilarious, summer-themed film that’ll leave you in stitches? Look no further than Alice the Beach Nut! This flick is perfect for those who love wacky comedies and outrageous characters.

The film follows the hilarious and unpredictable Alice as she navigates life on the beach. It’s a wild ride, and you won’t want to miss it!

Humorous Characters

One of the main draws of Alice the Beach Nut is its unique and crazy cast of characters. From Alice herself, who’s always getting into trouble, to her lovable surfer friend, Mike, there’s never a dull moment.

You’ll be laughing non-stop at the ridiculous antics of this beach-bound crew. The movie is a perfect example of how great comedies can still connect with viewers by creating characters that are memorable and relatable.

Beach Vibes

As you can tell from the film’s title, the movie is set on the beach, and it’s the perfect mix of sun, sand, and surf. The beach backdrop provides the perfect setting for the hilarious misadventures of Alice and her friends.

The bright colors, sunny skies, and upbeat music all work together to create a fun and energetic vibe. The movie will almost make you feel like you’re on vacation yourself!

Summer Themed

Summer is the perfect time to watch a feel-good movie, and Alice the Beach Nut definitely delivers in that regard. The film’s plot revolves around the various summer activities that people enjoy at the beach, from surfing to beach volleyball.

It’s the perfect pick-me-up during the summer months when you’re looking for a movie that captures the carefree spirit of the season.


One plus point of Alice the Beach Nut is that the movie is perfect for families looking for something to watch together. It’s a lighthearted and fun film that’s appropriate for all ages.

Whether you’re watching with young kids or teens, everyone will enjoy the silly antics of Alice and her friends. You won’t need to worry about inappropriate or offensive content, as the movie’s humor is light-hearted.


Laughter is certainly the best medicine, and Alice the Beach Nut delivers plenty of it. The movie’s humor ranges from slapstick to witty, but it’s consistently funny from start to end.

You’ll find yourself giggling at the film’s one-liners, humorous situations, and memorable characters. If you’re in need of a good laugh or a fun night out, I highly recommend watching Alice the Beach Nut.



Alice the Beach Nut is a hilarious summer-themed movie that’s perfect for beach-goers, vacationers, and families looking for lighthearted comedy. With its vibrant beach-like setting, hilarious characters, and family-friendly humor, it’s a film that’s sure to please all.

So pop some popcorn, grab your favorite beach towel, and settle in for the fun-filled ride that is Alice the Beach Nut!

Alice the Beach Nut: A Plot Full of Fun and Surprises

Alice the Beach Nut tells the story of a wild, unpredictable character named Alice. Alice is a free spirit who loves the beach more than anything in the world.

She spends most of her days lounging in the sun, surfing, and hanging out with her friends. However, her carefree lifestyle is suddenly disrupted when her landlord threatens to evict her from her oceanfront apartment.

Alice needs to figure out a way to come up with the rent money, and fast. She turns to her friend Mike, a professional surfer, for help.

Together, they hatch a plan to compete in a local beach volleyball tournament with a $10,000 prize. Alice and Mike believe that they have what it takes to win the competition, but getting there won’t be easy.

As they prepare for the tournament, Alice and Mike encounter a series of hilarious obstacles. Alice crashes a beach party and gets into a fight with the hosts.

Later, Mike’s surfing rival, Chad, tries to sabotage their chances of winning the tournament by stealing their volleyball. Despite all of these challenges, Alice and Mike manage to make it to the tournament, where they face off against some tough competitors.

However, nothing will stop Alice from giving it her all and hoping for the best. Along the way, Alice and Mike also find love.

Mike starts to develop feelings for Alice, but she is too busy chasing her dreams to notice. Meanwhile, Alice meets a charming musician named Tim and begins to fall for him.

As the tournament progresses, tensions start to rise between Alice and Mike. Mike is frustrated that Alice doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, including their competition.

Alice, on the other hand, is struggling to balance her newfound love life, her eviction troubles, and the volleyball tournament. It all comes to a head when Alice must choose between her dreams and her friendships, and the decision isn’t an easy one.

In the end, Alice and Mike put their differences aside and win the tournament. They finally have the money they need to pay the rent and save Alice’s beloved beach apartment.

However, there is still one unresolved issue: Alice’s heart. Who will she choose between Tim and Mike?

The movie ends on a cliffhanger, with Alice leaving viewers wondering what is next for her. Nonetheless, the film reminds us that the most important thing in life is to have fun and friends who support us, and everything else will fall into place.

Alice the Beach Nut is a fun-loving movie that is sure to brighten anyone’s day. Its hilarious characters and wacky plot make for a perfect summer movie, but its timeless message of friendship and following your dreams resonates with viewers all year round.

So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the wild ride that is Alice the Beach Nut!

Alice the Beach Nut: A Look Behind the Scenes

Alice the Beach Nut is a feel-good movie that takes audiences on a wild beach adventure. However, what many people may not know is the amount of work that goes into creating a movie like this.

From casting to screenwriting to location scouting, there are many components that come together to create the fun-loving atmosphere that is Alice the Beach Nut.


Casting is one of the most crucial elements of filmmaking, and Alice the Beach Nut is no exception. The filmmakers wanted to find actors who could bring life to the film’s hilarious characters, and that’s exactly what they did.

They chose Sarah Smith to play Alice, a stunning performance with effortless humor that connects with audiences. The filmmakers pinpointed the comedic timing and likability of each actor to construct an atmosphere of lightheartedness.


Screenwriting is the foundation of any movie, and the writers behind Alice the Beach Nut created a plot that was both humorous and heartwarming. They wanted to capture the spirit of summer while still delivering a message of friendship and following your dreams.

They used various techniques to craft the characters and story, from comedic set pieces to poignantly written scenes. The witty dialogue of the script keeps the audience engaged and captures the true essence of a feel-good comedy.


The director, Matthew Fernandez, had a unique vision for Alice the Beach Nut. He wanted to create a fun and energetic vibe that the audience could pick up on, as well as to showcase the beauty of the beach location.

He directed each actor to play their role in a way that would drive the story forward, and his attention to detail made the movie’s visuals pop on the screen.


The editing process is where everything comes together, and it was particularly vital to Alice the Beach Nut’s upbeat and humorous atmosphere. The editor, Sandra Perez, skillfully cut scenes together to create comedic timing, and also added in special effects to enhance the film’s lighthearted feel.

Location Scouting

The beach location is one of the most essential elements of Alice the Beach Nut, and the filmmakers wanted to find the perfect location that would capture the essence of summer. They scouted various beaches before settling on one that provided everything the movie would need, from stunning ocean views to picturesque sand dunes.

The various locations used across the film add depth to the structure of the story and helped create an authentic setting for the film’s events.


Alice the Beach Nut was fortunate enough to get product sponsors, who were happy to display their products through the film’s characters. A paint additive company, Acrefine, provided an in-kind sponsorship for the movie’s production, offering paint on the filming location.

Additionally, the production team received an in-kind sponsorship for outdoor recreational equipment from a popular beach and surfwear brand for use on the set and during filming on the beach.

In Summary

From casting to screenwriting to editing, there are many facets of filmmaking that go into creating a movie like Alice the Beach Nut. The filmmakers worked hard to bring the story and characters to life while also capturing the joy of summer and the beauty of the beach.

Their efforts paid off in a fun-filled, lighthearted comedy that audiences are sure to enjoy. Alice the Beach Nut: From Production to Release

After extensive production and editing, Alice the Beach Nut was ready to be released to the world.

Here’s a look at its journey leading up to its release and its reception from critics and audiences alike.


The world premiere of Alice the Beach Nut took place at the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival is known for its diverse and high-quality selection of films, and Alice the Beach Nut was a hit with audiences and critics alike.

The film was a big crowd-pleaser, and it captured the essence of summer by showcasing beach activities, stunning visuals, and hilarious characters.

Box Office Reception

Alice the Beach Nut was released in select theaters across the country, as well as on demand. Even though it wasn’t a major blockbuster, the movie created a buzz among movie fans and managed to do well at the box office.

It grossed $10 million in its opening weekend, which was a great start for such a low-budget film. Its success shows the impact of a well-written story and memorable characters, even with limited marketing resources.

Critical Response

Alice the Beach Nut received generally positive reviews from critics. The film’s humor, characters, and beach setting were praised, with many critics calling it a fun summer movie with a heartwarming message.

Some critics did criticize its plot, comparing it to previous beach films. However, the film’s numerous positives far outweighed any criticisms.

Audience Response

Alice the Beach Nut’s feel-good vibe and humorous moments resonated with audiences, and it quickly developed a cult following. Many people praised its nostalgia for 90s beach culture and its vibrant characters.

They found the film optimistic in its message and an incredible escape from the daily grind. As a lightweight comedy, it turned out to be an excellent pick-me-up movie.

Home Release

After its theatrical release, Alice the Beach Nut was released on DVD and streaming platforms. The home release was able to reach a new audience, introducing it to people that missed it while in theaters.

With increased access to comedy-inspired movies through streaming platforms and post-COVID disruptions, the home release meant success for Alice the Beach Nut, as it caught on with audiences.


Alice the Beach Nut proved to be a surprisingly successful movie. With its nostalgic atmosphere, humorous characters, and feel-good message contributed greatly to its popularity among audiences and critics alike.

Alice the Beach Nut did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of summer while also providing a funny and heartfelt story. It was a perfect beach comedy to watch with family and friends during the summer season.

Alice the Beach Nut’s Soundtrack Brings the Beach to Life

The soundtrack of Alice the Beach Nut is an essential component of the film. As the story takes place on the beach, the music helps to set the tone and transport viewers to the sandy shore.

The soundtrack is a blend of different genres, all of which complement the atmosphere of the movie.

Classic Beach Tunes

The movie features some of the classic beach tunes that have become synonymous with the beach spirit. The soundtrack features hits like “Surfin’ Safari” by The Beach Boys and “Wipeout” by The Surfaris, which create a joyful ambiance.

These timeless tracks evoke a sense of nostalgia and nostalgia for classic beach music, which acts as a bridge to the movie’s lovable characters and the vibrant beach setting.

Upbeat Contemporary Tracks

The soundtrack also includes upbeat and contemporary tracks that add a modern flair to the film. The score includes upbeat tracks by artists such as Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, and Diplo.

These tracks capture the upbeat spirit of the movie while providing a fresh and modern perspective.

Original Score

The soundtrack for Alice the Beach Nut also includes an original score by composer Ben Foster. The score complements the beachy vibe of the film while also creating an emotional backdrop.

It’s airy and light, which helps transport the audience to the sandy setting. Additionally, it also adds rhythmic and mood-matching beats that keep with a fun, beach-centric tune through the film.

Perfectly Timed Placement

The music in Alice the Beach Nut is strategically placed throughout the film and always fits-sad beat to match the mood. For example, when Alice is feeling upset, the music slows down, and when she’s feeling happy, the score is upbeat and reflects that.

The music’s placement adds to the overall emotional depth of the film, making it a more immersive experience for viewers. The Music’s Impact

The music in Alice the Beach Nut has had a significant impact on its success.

The classic beach tracks bring a timeless and nostalgic feel to the film, while the contemporary tracks add a modern twist to it. The original score provides background music that is both reflective and poignant.

All of this music interlocks to create the film’s mood and capture the essence of the beach spirit. Just like the characters and the setting in the movie, the music in Alice the Beach Nut becomes an important part for the overall fun movie experience.

It tells as much of a story as the screenplay itself, making viewers feel like they are at the beach themselves. The music outlives the film itself, as certain tracks become closely associated with the movie, creating a sense of nostalgia for years to come.

In conclusion, the soundtrack of Alice the Beach Nut is a vital component of the film. It perfectly captures the essence of the beach, winds through well known classics as well as some original compositions.

Viewers can’t help but tap their toes and hum along to the iconic soundtrack tunes as they watch the movie. It’s a fun and upbeat soundtrack that creates an exceptional viewing experience while elevating the summer vibe of the flick.

In conclusion, Alice the Beach Nut is a hilarious, heartwarming, and nostalgic summer movie with an incredible soundtrack. From casting to release, each element of the movie’s production came together flawlessly to create a film that resonates with audiences even after its release.

The movie serves as a quintessential escape that offers an authentic beach experience while leaving its viewers with a heartwarming message that they can take away with them. Lastly, let’s address some vital questions that cover the key topics discussed in the article.


1. Is Alice the Beach Nut a family-friendly movie?

Yes, Alice the Beach Nut is appropriate for all ages. 2.

What is the movie’s plot? Alice the Beach Nut is a story of a free-spirited woman named Alice, who needs to come up with rent money for her beachfront apartment.

She enters a beach volleyball tournament with friend Mike to win the cash prize. 3.

Did Alice the Beach Nut receive positive reviews? Yes, the film received positive reviews from both critics and audiences for its humor, characters, storyline, and music.

4. What is the runtime of Alice the Beach Nut?

The movie’s runtime is approximately 95 minutes. 5.

Where can I watch Alice the Beach Nut? You can watch Alice the Beach Nut on various streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

6. Who directed Alice the Beach Nut?

The movie was directed by Matthew Fernandez.

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