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Alice Rattled by Rats: A Unique Horror-Comedy Masterpiece

Alice Rattled by Rats: A Synopsis

If you are looking for a horror movie that will scare you out of your wits, Alice Rattled by Rats is the perfect choice. This film, directed by Joshua Gomez and written by Brockton McKinney, is a horror comedy that will have you on the edge of your seat.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the plot, the main characters, and what makes Alice Rattled by Rats such a great movie.


The movie opens with Alice, a young woman who is dealing with some serious psychological issues, moving into a new apartment. She quickly realizes that the apartment is infested with rats, and as she tries to deal with the problem, things start to get weirder and weirder.

She begins to see things that are not there and hears strange noises that no one else can hear. As the movie progresses, Alice’s sanity is called into question, and she is forced to confront the truth about the reality of her situation.


The main character in Alice Rattled by Rats is played by Candace Hilligoss. Hilligoss is a fantastic actress who perfectly portrays the vulnerable but determined Alice.

She is able to make you feel empathy for her character while also keeping you on the edge of your seat. Her performance is what really makes this movie so great.

Other characters in the film include Alice’s neighbor and landlord, who are played by Robert Romanus and Paul Carafotes respectively. Romanus and Carafotes are both great actors who do a good job in their roles.

They provide some much-needed comic relief to help balance out the movie’s darker elements. The rest of the cast does a great job of supporting these main characters and bringing the world of the film to life.

What Makes Alice Rattled by Rats Great

What makes Alice Rattled by Rats such a great movie is a combination of its horror and comedy elements. The movie is genuinely scary, with jump scares and eerie sound effects that will have you gripping your seat.

However, it is also incredibly funny. The humor is subtle but effective, and it comes at just the right moments to relieve some of the tension.

Another element that makes the movie great is the way it deals with mental health issues. Alice’s struggles with her mental health are not romanticized or glamorized.

Instead, they are portrayed in a realistic and empathetic way. This adds a layer of depth to the movie that is often missing from horror films.

Overall, Alice Rattled by Rats is a great horror movie that does not take itself too seriously. It is scary, funny, and surprisingly nuanced.

If you are a fan of horror movies with a twist, you will definitely enjoy this one. Alice Rattled by Rats revolves around the young and troubled character of Alice, portrayed by Candace Hilligoss, who is grappling with psychological issues.

She moves into a new apartment, hoping to start over; however, she quickly realizes that it is infested with rats. The incessant scampering of the rodents becomes a nightmare for Alice as she tries to deal with the problem.

Things start looking up when her new friend, Paul Carafotes, insists that the troubled girl has nothing to worry about and promises to take care of the rat problem. But when her landlord informs her that they have never had any rat problems before, Alice’s sanity is called into question.

As the story rolls on, Alice begins to see things that are not there and hears strange noises that no one else can hear. She becomes paranoid about her surroundings and starts to imagine the worst.

One of the first signs of her hallucinations is when she walks into the shower and finds the drain partially blocked by rats. She dismisses the incident as being a result of the infestation problem, until next time.

Next time she sees a rat, its white and looks like it has human teeth. The experience spooks her, but she is too terrified to share the revelation with anyone.

She sees other rats with strange features and starts questioning her sanity. As Alice’s world spirals out of control, her relationships start to deteriorate.

Her friendship with her neighbor becomes strained when he discovers that Alice has been spying on him. The tension in the apartment block starts to build as the strange occurrences continue, and Alice’s growing paranoia puts everyone’s safety in jeopardy.

As her friends urge to seek medical attention, Alice sets on a mission to prove that she is not delusional and find the root cause of her problems. The climax of the film takes the audience on an edge of the seat ride as Alice’s hallucinations take over her reality.

She meets a mysterious character, a homeless man, who reveals to her the truth behind the infestation of rats. As it turns out, the rodents are a product of an ongoing experiment, one that tries to merge humans and rats into a single species.

Thanks to the experiments, the rats can now mimic human speech, and some can now walk on two legs! Alice sees her worst nightmare realized as the cultured rats start to infiltrate her life. In conclusion, Alice Rattled by Rats is a film that showcases how our senses can play tricks on us, and how your mental state can impact your perception of the world.

The film is a horror-comedy that keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats for the better part of the 97 minutes run-time. Candace Hilligoss’s portrayal of Alice is nothing short of spectacular, and she brings a believable depth to the character’s turmoil, making the film more than a simple horror story.

The film’s strength lies in the way it interweaves humor and horror; its subtle yet effective way of communicating the protagonist’s psychosis, and how it takes the audiences on a journey of disbelief, pushing the movie towards an unexplained and twisted end. Alice Rattled by Rats is a film that combines elements of horror, comedy, and psychological thriller, making it a challenging production to create.

The film’s unique style required the utmost creativity from the production team, who worked tirelessly to bring the vision to life. Joshua Gomez served as the director of the film, bringing his experience in TV shows and short films to the table.

Meanwhile, Brockton McKinney wrote the script, crafting the story around the central character of Alice and the rats infesting her new apartment. But how did they produce a film that combined such different genres?

From pre-production to post-production, the team put in a great deal of effort to ensure that every aspect of the movie was perfect. The crew constructed an entire apartment set, complete with a bathroom and a kitchen, where most of the film’s action takes place.

The rat infestation scenes required a lot of work because they had to make the rats look like they were everywhere, without actually having any live rodents on the set. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) was used to create the illusions of rats scampering around the apartment, alongside realistic rat puppets.

In one scene, Alice’s bathtub is filled with rats, and the effect was created by using CGI to represent the rats moving in a coordinated manner. The production team also used practical effects, like the half-eaten rat that Alice finds behind one of her walls.

These practical effects go beyond the limits of CGI, creating a genuine and believable horror experience. The production team took their time to ensure that nothing looks overly fake or underwhelming, constantly perfecting the approach and utilizing various effects to achieve a seamless and realistic visual experience.

The film’s score also played a crucial role in building up the tension and creating the atmosphere the director wanted. The music, composed by Stephen Tolin, is a mix of different sounds that includes eerie soundscapes, fast-paced percussion pieces, and ominous tones.

The score helped establish a sense of foreboding throughout the film, setting the stage for the terrifying twists that lay ahead. To add to its unique style, the film’s cinematography is top-notch.

The movie’s visuals feel like they came straight out of a 70s horror movie, with a grainy feel that gives the movie a vintage feel. The scenes are shot in a way that creates an atmosphere of unease, making the entire movie more unsettling to watch.

The color grading of the film also captures the dark and foreboding mood, with scenes capturing varying undertones of blues, greys, and dark reds. In conclusion, Alice Rattled by Rats is a film that pushes the boundaries of cinema, marrying genres of horror, comedy, and psychological thriller into a single production.

Its unique style required the production team to utilize cutting-edge techniques to create a world filled with believable rat puppets, CGI, practical effects, eerie scapes, suspenseful music, and top-notch cinematography. The film is a brilliant example of what can happen when a talented director, a prolific writer, and a dedicated production team work together to create an indie film.

Alice Rattled by Rats is a testament to their hard work, and it serves as a reminder that creativity and innovation still matter tremendously. Alice Rattled by Rats was released in 2021 after three years in the making.

The indie film premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival, where it received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film’s release coincided with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it challenging for the team to market the film in theaters, but it has since been released on various streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

The movie’s release faced some hurdles, with the pandemic restricting the team’s promotional efforts, as there were limited film festivals and limited space to market the film due to the many releases available. Despite all this, the team managed to generate buzz around the movie.

They made a virtual Q&A that was attended by the director, writer, and a few of the main cast members, where they discussed the making of the film and their approach to the unique storyline. The poster and trailer for the film were also effective in creating interest around the movie.

The poster features the central character Alice, looking worried with the rats crawling on the background, while the trailer featured snippets of the movie’s horror and comedy scenes. The movie was not commercially promoted to a massive audience, but its release gave the platform for fans who craved a unique horror comedy the opportunity to watch.

The movie’s release on various streaming platforms meant that Alice Rattled by Rats was accessible to a wider audience. The film’s streaming release ensured that fans from all over the world could view the movie, which provided an opportunity for the untapped global megaphone that might have missed out on the movie had it only been released in cinemas.

The availability of Alice Rattled by Rats on various streaming platforms has also given the opportunity for new audiences to appreciate the unique masterpiece. The flexibility of watching the film on their own time has allowed the audience to fully enjoy the movie without the usual constraints of the theater experience.

In conclusion, Alice Rattled by Rats’ release hit the market as a unique and compelling creation from a group of talented individuals. The movie itself stands out as a perfect blend of horror and comedy, and a significant departure from the more user-friendly horror films.

The pandemic presented a lot of challenges in promoting the movie, but the movie found an appreciative audience online. Alice Rattled by Rats is yet another example of how indie films are now widely accessible to audiences worldwide thanks to streaming and online release platforms.

In its small way, the film has pushed the envelope in the horror-comedy genre, serving as a reminder that with persistence and proper timing, creative products like Alice Rattled by Rats will always find an audience. The soundtrack of Alice Rattled by Rats is an essential element of the film’s unique genre blending.

The music is a mix of eerie soundscapes, fast-paced percussion pieces, and ominous tones, which provides a sense of foreboding throughout the film. The movie is a horror-comedy, and the music sets the tone by building up the tension for the coming scares and humor.

The movie’s score was created by Stephen Tolin, who brought his experience in creating music for horror movies. Tolin’s musical style works perfectly with the film’s vintage feel and adds depth to the emotional complexity of the characters.

The movie’s score is made up of a mix of electronic and acoustic sounds, including the harp, the vibraphone, and the marimba. The instrumentation is often sparse, which adds tension to the film’s more horror-infused moments, and emphasizes the isolated and fearful atmosphere that Alice finds herself in.

One of the soundtrack’s standout pieces is The Rats Are Coming, which reflects the movie’s microcosm of despair and chaos. The track uses percussion in a way that serves as a primer for the impending doom, and an indication of the start of Alice’s descent into chaos.

This track’s heavy use of rhythm drives the terror and the suspense that dominates the movie, making the audience feel the anxious moments at every turn. Another notable song on the soundtrack is “Alice’s Lullaby,” which serves as the calm before the storm in the film’s showdown scene.

The music is quiet and melodic, creating a sense of release after the previous scenes filled with tension. The lullaby acts as a reminder of Alice’s mental struggles, which the audience can’t forget, even after a moment of relief.

The use of music in Alice Rattled by Rats is impressive, as it effectively helps to enhance the film’s mood and emotional impact. The soundtrack never detracts from the film’s central theme and helps to create the experience of fear, comedy, and horror, that is required of the film’s genre blending.

The music is used to accentuate the intensity of the film’s early scenes, and before long, it becomes an integral part of the chilling vibe. In conclusion, the soundtrack of Alice Rattled by Rats is a great example of music used to enhance a film’s mood and create emotional impact.

The eerie soundscapes, fast-paced percussion pieces, and ominous tones work together to give the audience a sense of the impending horror, and the unique mix of electronic and acoustic sounds provides a vintage feel to the production. Stephen Tolin’s music is an important element of the film’s success, serving as a primer for the scares and humor that the audience experiences throughout the film.

The soundtrack plays a subtle role in enhancing the film’s visuals and psychological complexity while providing an immersive movie experience. In summary, Alice Rattled by Rats is a horror-comedy that pushes the boundaries of genre blending, and tells a unique story about a young woman grappling with psychological issues.

The film’s production team worked tirelessly to produce a movie that was both visually impressive and emotionally engaging. The soundscapes and music worked together to enhance the horror and comedy, which is a testament to Stephen Tolin’s score.

Alice Rattled by Rats’ release during the pandemic presented significant challenges, but the indie film’s accessibility on streaming platforms allowed it to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the combination of the horror and comedy elements worked to create a nuanced portrayal of Alice’s story.


1. Who directed Alice Rattled by Rats?

Answer: Joshua Gomez directed the film. 2.

What is Alice Rattled by Rats about? Answer: The movie is about a young woman named Alice who moves into a new apartment infested with rats and gets dragged into a reality that questions her sanity.

3. What challenges did the team face in promoting Alice Rattled by Rats?

Answer: The pandemic’s restrictions hampered promotional efforts due to the limited film festivals and limited promotional space available. 4.

Where can I watch Alice Rattled by Rats? Answer: The movie is available to stream on various platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

5. Who created the movie’s score?

Answer: Stephen Tolin created the movie’s score and music.

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