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Age Is Just a Number: The Heartwarming Story of Roommates

Roommates is a heartwarming and emotional movie that explores the intricacies of relationships between two people living under the same roof. The movie directed by Peter Yates and released in 1995 depicts the story of two old men who are forced to live together as roommates.

The film offers a unique perspective on aging and highlights the enduring nature of friendships.The movie opens with a young man, Michael, receiving a letter from his father asking him to move out of their home. This unexpected development prompts Michael to seek out his grandfather, Rocky, who he has not seen since he was a child.

Rocky is a retired bakery worker who lives alone in New York City. When Michael visits Rocky, he realizes that he is lonely and struggling to pay his rent.

In a moment of generosity, Michael arranges for Rocky to move in with him. The movie is a touching tale of love, sacrifice, and friendship between two generations.


The central theme of the movie is the relationship between Rocky and Michael. The film highlights how the two men initially struggle to live together, given their differences in lifestyle and temperament.

However, as they get to know each other better, they develop a deep bond that is based on love, care, and mutual respect. The movie also addresses issues of aging and loneliness among the elderly.

Through Rocky’s character, the movie highlights the struggles of senior citizens who are often forgotten by society.


The acting performances in the movie are excellent. Peter Falk plays the role of Rocky, while D.B. Sweeney plays Michael.

The two actors showcase their skills in portraying the complex emotions and experiences of the characters. Falk, in particular, delivers a standout performance as the lovable and endearing Rocky.

He conveys the character’s loneliness, vulnerability, and strength with great authenticity.


The movie’s cinematography is simple but effective. The camera work captures the various emotions and moments between the characters in a subtle yet powerful way.

The use of close-up shots highlights the characters’ emotions, while the wide angle shots of New York City provide a contrast between the bustling, fast-paced city and the slow-paced life of the elderly men.


Roommates is an emotional and relatable movie that will leave viewers with a greater appreciation for the importance of friendship and love. The movie is a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and that love and friendship can cross generations.

Overall, Roommates is a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming and thought-provoking movie. When Rocky moves in with Michael, the two men experience a few bumps in the road as they adjust to living with someone so vastly different from themselves.

Rocky grew up during the Great Depression, while Michael is a product of a more modern era. Rocky is more conservative in his ways, while Michael is more liberal.

As the two navigate their differences, they learn to appreciate each others unique perspectives. One particular instance where their differences clash is when Rocky refuses to use the microwave, believing it isnt good for food.

Michael, used to modern conveniences, is shocked and frustrated by Rockys refusal. However, as the movie progresses, Michael begins to see the merits of some of Rockys old-school ways.

Rocky takes Michael under his wing and teaches him how to cook, even showing him his secret recipe for Italian bread.

As the plot develops, the audience is introduced to a few other characters who have an important impact on Rocky and Michaels lives.

Rockys friend, John is one of them. John is a fellow retiree who has lost touch with his family.

He watches TV all day long and drinks heavily. Despite their differences, Rocky and John have a deep bond rooted in their common experiences as working-class men.

As the movie progresses, they become closer. Another character that plays a significant role in the plot is Beth, Michaels girlfriend.

Beth is Michaels polar opposite in almost every way, and she struggles to understand his relationship with Rocky. She finds it difficult to connect with Rocky because of the age difference and cultural gap.

However, as she gets to know Rocky better, she develops a deeper appreciation for him. The major conflict of the plot comes when Michaels father, who initially kicked Michael out of the house, shows up unannounced at Michaels doorstep.

He is shocked to see Rocky living with Michael, and he becomes angry at the situation. He believes that Rocky is taking advantage of Michaels generosity and wants him out of the house.

This creates a rift between Michael and his father. However, over time, the father begins to see that Rocky is a good influence on Michael and learns to appreciate him.

As the movie progresses, Rocky and Michael continue to navigate their evolving friendship. They grow to understand and respect each other better, despite their differences.

They learn that living with someone who has a different lifestyle can be a learning experience. The movie ends on a heartwarming note, with Rocky and Michael playing a duet on the piano.

In conclusion, Roommates is a movie that explores the complexities of relationships between two individuals from different generations. The plot showcases the struggles and triumphs of Rocky and Michaels new living arrangement, as well as the impact their relationship has on those around them.

Despite their differences, Rocky and Michael learn to appreciate each other for who they are. Overall, Roommates is a touching and emotional movie that offers a unique perspective on friendship and the importance of human connection.

Roommates, directed by Peter Yates and released in 1995, is a movie that explores the complexity of human relationships. The production of the movie was a challenging process, given the cast’s age and the complex emotions they needed to portray.

However, the outcome of the movie was a beautiful and heartwarming tale that resonated well with viewers. Casting the role of Rocky was crucial to the success of the movie.

The director wanted someone who could portray Rocky’s charm and vulnerability, given the character’s age and backstory. After considering several options, Peter Falk was chosen for the role.

Falk’s portrayal of Rocky was realistic and nuanced, and it earned him numerous accolades, including a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. The casting of D.B. Sweeney, who played the role of Michael, was equally critical.

Sweeney was chosen for his ability to portray Michael’s struggles, his motivation to help his grandfather, and his eventual growth as a person. The other supporting cast, which included Julianne Moore, Ellen Burstyn, and Jan Rubes, all added depth to the movie, portraying characters who helped to showcase the unique relationship between Rocky and Michael.

The movie was shot on location in New York City, which helped to add authenticity to the movie’s setting. The production team needed to create a realistic ambiance that showcased the contrasting lifestyles of the characters.

They managed to do this by selecting locations that either spoke to the contemporary lifestyle of Michael or the older generation represented by Rocky. The cinematography in the movie was also an essential component of the film’s success.

The use of close-up shots in emotional scenes helped to highlight the characters’ emotions, while wide shots showcased the movie’s setting. The coloring used during the movie’s production was warm, which conveyed the story’s emotional content, making viewers feel more connected to the story’s protagonists.

The pacing of the movie was excellent, with the director ensuring that the movie was neither too slow nor too fast. In turn, this helped to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the characters, making the audience invested in their journey.

Of course, the music used in Roommates was an essential component. Elmer Bernstein composed the music for the movie, which helped to create an emotional bond between the viewer and the characters.

The music conveyed the emotions of the characters while highlighting the movie’s themes, making it an integral component of the movie’s success. In conclusion, the production of Roommates was a challenging process, given the cast’s ages and the complex emotions involved.

However, the end result was a beautifully crafted movie that showcased the importance of human connection and the power of friendship. The movie’s success was undoubtedly helped by the casting of excellent actors, the use of great locations, cinematography, and a memorable score.

The resulting emotional impact left viewers with a lasting impression and made it a classic among movies that explore human relationships.

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