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A Kid in King Arthur’s Court: The Adventures of a Time-Traveling Baseball Player

“A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is a 1995 American adventure-comedy film that takes you on an exciting journey through time. The film follows a young boy named Calvin Fuller, who is transported back to medieval times and becomes a knight in King Arthur’s court.

The movie is an entertaining mix of adventure, comedy, and history, making it an enjoyable watch for all ages. Plot:

The movie begins with Calvin Fuller, a teenage boy who loves playing baseball, accidentally falling into a sinkhole while chasing a stray ball.

He finds himself transported back to the medieval times, where he discovers that he has been brought to King Arthur’s court. The King believes that Calvin is a “squire from Normandy,” and he is soon inducted into the court as a knight.

Calvin soon finds himself caught up in the middle of a power struggle between the evil Lord Belasco and King Arthur. With the help of his knowledge of modern technology, Calvin becomes a valuable asset to the King’s army, using his baseball skills to help them win battles.

Along the way, he makes friends with a beautiful young princess, who he helps protect from Lord Belasco. Themes:

One of the key themes explored in the movie is the importance of believing in oneself.

Calvin is initially intimidated by the medieval world he finds himself in, but with the encouragement of his new friends, he learns to have confidence in his abilities and to trust his instincts. Another theme explored in the movie is the power of knowledge.

Calvin’s knowledge of modern technology gives him an advantage over his medieval counterparts, allowing him to help the King’s army win battles. This emphasizes the importance of using knowledge to gain an advantage and shows how it can be used to achieve greatness.


The movie features a range of colorful characters, each with their own unique personalities. Lead character Calvin Fuller is played by Thomas Ian Nicholas and brings a lovable and relatable charm to the film.

Historical figures such as King Arthur, played by Joss Ackland, and Merlin, played by Ron Moody, are also brought to life and add to the authenticity of the medieval setting. Princess Kate, played by Kate Winslet, provides a romantic subplot to the story and proves to be a strong and brave character in her own right.

Lord Belasco, played by Art Malik, is a sinister and menacing villain who provides the perfect foil to the heroic endeavors of Calvin and his friends. Conclusion:

In conclusion, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is a fun and entertaining movie that explores themes of self-belief and the power of knowledge.

The movie’s engaging cast of characters and exciting plot make it a great choice for families and anyone who loves a good adventure film. Those who have not seen the movie should grab some popcorn and enjoy the journey back in time.

“A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is a movie that takes you on an unforgettable adventure through time and brings medieval England to life. The movie is full of twists and turns, and the plot is both engaging and entertaining.

As Calvin adjusts to life in the past, he learns that things are vastly different from his modern world. He discovers that kings rule the lands, serfs work the fields, and knights ride horses into battle.

Despite his initial fears, Calvin quickly adapts to his new surroundings and begins to use his knowledge of modern technology to help King Arthur defeat his enemies. Calvin’s transformation from a modern-day kid to a knight in King Arthur’s court is one of the movie’s most profound themes.

Calvin does not come from a privileged background and is not initially confident in his skills or abilities. However, once he discovers that he has been brought to the past to help, he begins to rise to the occasion.

He soon realizes that he has a unique set of skills which can be used to help King Arthur’s army in their struggle to defeat Lord Belasco. As he becomes more involved in the war, Calvin realizes that he needs to use his knowledge in innovative ways.

He introduces the medieval army to the game of baseball, which proves to be instrumental in defeating the enemy in a crucial battle. Although the baseball game is a foreign concept to the people of the past, Calvin’s determination and creativity allow him to find a way to make it work in their world.

Calvin’s newfound confidence also helps him form new relationships and bonds with the people in King Arthur’s court. He becomes friends with Princess Kate, who he has a crush on, but he also learns to respect and appreciate her strength and courage as a warrior princess.

Calvin also becomes close with the other knights in the court, who come to rely on him for his innovation and insights. As the story progresses, Calvin must use his skills to help King Arthur and his army win the war against Lord Belasco.

Lord Belasco is an evil sorcerer who has his sights set on the throne, and he will do anything to achieve his goals. Calvin’s bravery and ingenuity are put to the test, as he must use all the tools at his disposal to lead the charge against the enemy forces.

In the final battle, Calvin and his friends fight bravely against Lord Belasco’s army, displaying incredible courage and strength. They ultimately emerge victorious, with Calvin playing a crucial role in securing their triumph.

After the battle, Calvin is celebrated as a hero and is given a place of honor in the King’s court. In conclusion, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is a movie that is enjoyable and thrilling from start to finish.

The plot is compelling, and the characters are well-developed, with themes of courage, innovation, and the value of modern knowledge serving as the backbone of the story. The movie appeals to all ages, making it a film that the whole family can enjoy.

With stunning visuals and a captivating storyline, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is a movie that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its viewers. The production of “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” was a major undertaking that required a significant amount of planning and execution to bring the story and characters to life on the big screen.

From the casting to the special effects, the production team left no stone unturned in their efforts to create a memorable movie experience. The film is directed by Michael Gottlieb, who is best known for his work on “Mannequin” and “Mr. Nanny.” Gottlieb’s experience with comedy and adventure movies proved to be an asset in directing this film.

He was able to seamlessly blend these two genres to create an engaging story that was both lighthearted and exciting. The film’s screenplay was written by Michael Part, who drew inspiration from Mark Twain’s classic novel “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” Part added his own comedic spin to the story, creating a unique and entertaining script.

The result was a movie that was relatable and funny, while still staying true to the original source material. One of the most significant challenges in making “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” was creating an authentic medieval atmosphere.

The production team spared no expense in their efforts to achieve this goal. The costumes were designed to be historically accurate, with chainmail and armor for the knights, and flowing gowns for the princesses and queens.

The sets were also designed with meticulous attention to detail, from the grandeur of King Arthur’s castle to the simplicity of the peasant huts. Special effects were also a key element of the movie.

The time travel scenes, for example, were carefully crafted to depict the exact moment of Calvin’s journey from modern-day America to medieval England. The effects team used cutting-edge technology to create an immersive experience, making viewers feel as if they were traveling through time with Calvin.

The casting of the movie is also crucial to its success. Thomas Ian Nicholas was chosen to play the lead role of Calvin Fuller after an extensive casting process.

His youthful energy and enthusiasm made him the perfect choice for the role, and his chemistry with the rest of the cast was evident in every scene. Kate Winslet was also cast in the movie, in one of her earliest roles, as Princess Kate.

Winslet’s performance as a strong and independent female character was a standout element in the film. The movie’s music is also noteworthy, with composer J.

Peter Robinson providing a fitting and rousing score that perfectly captures the film’s adventurous tone. The music helps to enhance the movie’s themes of courage and bravery, underscoring pivotal moments with dramatic and evocative melodies.

In conclusion, the production of “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” was a collaborative effort that required the skills of many talented individuals in various disciplines. The production team’s hard work and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the film, from the sets to the special effects, and the performances of the cast.

Taken together, the visual and emotional elements of the movie create a truly memorable experience that stands the test of time. The result is a film that continues to entertain audiences of all ages, decades after its initial release.

Released in August 1995, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” debuted at #5 at the box office, grossing over $7 million in its opening week. The movie went on to gross over $13 million in the United States alone, and it was well received by audiences of all ages.

In addition to its box office success, the film also enjoyed a positive critical reception, with many reviewers praising its lighthearted tone, wit, and engaging characters. The movie was originally produced by Walt Disney Pictures and was part of a series of live-action films aimed at a family-friendly audience.

The production team recognized that “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” would appeal to younger viewers, and they marketed the film accordingly. They released a number of promotional materials, including posters, trailers, and merchandise, to generate buzz and attract audiences to theaters.

As part of the marketing campaign, Disney also arranged for special screenings in select cities across the country. These screenings were attended by families and young children, many of whom had already seen the movie and were eager to see it again.

The screenings were a hit, with many families turning out to see the movie multiple times. The success of “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” can also be attributed to the timing of its release.

The film was released in the midst of a wave of family-friendly movies that were popular at the time. With its mix of comedy, adventure, and history, the movie stood out as a unique and engaging option for movie-goers looking for a fun and entertaining experience.

Following its theatrical release, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” was released on VHS and DVD, allowing audiences to enjoy the movie in their own homes. The movie’s home video release proved to be just as successful as its theatrical run, with many families purchasing the movie to add to their collections.

Today, the movie continues to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages across the world. Its enduring popularity can be attributed to the film’s universality, with themes of courage, innovation, and self-belief resonating with viewers of all backgrounds and cultures.

With its timeless story and engaging characters, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” has become a classic family movie that is sure to be passed down through the generations. In conclusion, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” was a successful movie that captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences across the United States.

Its release in 1995 marked a turning point for family-friendly movies, which were enjoying a surge in popularity at the time. The film’s marketing efforts, critical reception, and box office success were all critical to its continued success.

Today, it remains an enduring classic that continues to appeal to audiences of all ages across the world. The soundtrack of “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is an integral part of the movie’s success.

The film’s score was composed by J. Peter Robinson, who has composed music for a number of notable Hollywood movies.

Robinson was tasked with creating a score that would capture the adventurous and magical tone of the movie. The soundtrack features a blend of orchestral pieces, medieval-inspired melodies, and contemporary pop songs.

The music creates a mood of sweeping grandeur, with the orchestral pieces swelling to create a sense of excitement and adventure. The medieval-inspired melodies, on the other hand, give the score a historical and cultural touch, underscoring the movie’s medieval setting.

One of the most notable pieces of music in the movie is the main theme, which features an upbeat and upbeat brass section accompanied by a driving rhythm that gives the score a sense of forward motion. This particular piece of music is used throughout the movie, serving as a leitmotif for the action and adventure that takes place on screen.

Another notable musical moment in the movie is the use of the song “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Louis Prima. The song is used during a pivotal moment in the movie – the baseball game between King Arthur’s army and Lord Belasco’s army.

The lively and upbeat tempo of the song, combined with its catchy melody, perfectly captures the excitement of the game and the jubilation of the characters as they celebrate their victory. The use of popular music in the movie was a deliberate choice by the filmmakers, who recognized the appeal of pop music to younger viewers.

The inclusion of popular songs helped to engage young viewers and give the movie a contemporary feel while still staying true to its medieval setting. The success of the movie’s soundtrack can be attributed to its ability to evoke emotion and create a sense of atmosphere.

The music heightens the tension and excitement of the movie’s action sequences while also underscoring the more tender moments of the film. In addition to the score and popular songs, the movie also features a number of character themes, which help to give depth and dimension to the characters.

For example, Princess Kate’s theme is introduced early in the movie and is used throughout the film to signify her bravery, strength, and beauty. In conclusion, the music of “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is an essential element of the movie’s success.

The score, popular songs, and character themes all work together to create a sense of adventure, excitement, and emotion. The music enhances the movie’s tone and creates a sense of atmosphere that transports viewers to the medieval world of King Arthur’s court.

The success of the movie’s soundtrack can be attributed to its skillful composition, its ability to evoke emotion, and its sophisticated use of character themes. Together with the film’s visual elements, the music makes “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” a timeless classic that still resonates with audiences today.

In conclusion, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” is an adventurous, comedic, and historical movie that has stood the test of time. Its production, release, plot, and soundtrack are the key elements that have contributed to its continued success and popularity.

The film’s themes of courage, innovation, and self-belief are timeless messages that resonate with viewers of all ages across cultures. The film remains an excellent choice for family-friendly entertainment, a must-watch for anyone who appreciates a good adventure with a touch of humor and creativity.


Q: Who directed “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court”? A: The movie was directed by Michael Gottlieb.

Q: What is the movie’s plot? A: The movie follows a young boy named Calvin Fuller, who is transported back to medieval times and becomes a knight in King Arthur’s court.

Q: Is “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court” a family-friendly movie? A: Yes, the movie is aimed at a family-friendly audience and is appropriate for viewers of all ages.

Q: Who composed the movie’s soundtrack? A: The movie’s score was composed by J.

Peter Robinson, with popular songs also included in the soundtrack. Q: What themes are explored in the movie?

A: The movie explores themes of self-belief, courage, and the power of knowledge. Q: Was the movie successful at the box office?

A: Yes, the movie was successful at the box office, grossing over $13 million in the United States alone. Q: What is the movie’s historical setting?

A: The movie is set in medieval England, in King Arthur’s court.

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